Thursday, June 26, 2008

Never Fear

The Unsinkable Kristen Chapman is neither dead, nor possessing incapacitated fingers. She is merely taking a bit of a summer break and spending time doing all those things you know she loves so dearly like catching up on laundry and preventing Tot from eating too much grass while pretending to be a horse. When she is finally finished with the never ending laundry piles of doom mopping up the ten inches of grime on the kitchen floor reading Come To My House for the 257th time aloud ( patiently and with much inflection) she will delight you once again with tales of her heroic actions in parenting and beyond.

Or, you know, tell you all how desperately I miss you but that I am really quite terrified the house will physically collapse around me from the sheer volume of clutter I have let escape from my clutches. But I'm working on it. Let you know how it goes.


1 comment:

Robin said...

That is how I feel too...maybe I will start blogging again when they are 18!