Monday, June 16, 2008

You Look Good In Green, Unsinkable!

Okay, so, I will willingly become a social pariah and admit that as far as issues that I care about go, the environment is kind of low on my list. Not that I don't care, it's more that other things are just a little more pressing in my day to day life. I care that global warming is happening, I just am more immediately concerned with how hot I'm getting while I do laundry at 3pm. I don't like it when people litter and pollute, but I am currently picking up all the litter my kids have scattered around our yard and don't have time to do the road as well. And I'm certainly not a fan of dumping pig silos into lakes, but I am also not a fan of cleaning up what smells like a pig silo in a diaper and I've done enough of that today. It just seems that while the world and the politicians and Hollywood drone on and on about how bad the environment is, I'm thinking that I'll try not to keep harming it, but I'm a little busy to be too much help, thankyouverymuchandholdtheguilt.

However, while I hate to overtax myself in the race to help the environment, I do love to read about people with much higher moral standards than myself. And so I found myself the other day reading a great blog and was issued a quite embarrassing challenge.

Use Less Plastic.

But you see, that wasn't the embarrassing part. The other participants were speaking of regret that they hadn't already switched their baby's bottles to glass (that's an option?!) and they were talking about eradicating plastic from the kitchen for good (how???) and I sat there and thought, "Well, I guess I could start using those recycled bags for all my groceries instead of plastic ones. But I only have those two. I guess I could get a few more. But would that look weird at Kroger? I mean, I don't see anyone else doing that. Maybe it's a bit much. I would probably look like Greenzo on 30 Rock. I wouldn't want everyone to think I'm one of those people who drive Priuses and look at truck drivers with scorn (not that there's anything wrong with Priuses...or Prii...or whatever). Maybe I could start using our recycling container for something other than a holder for regular trash in the gargae until one of us bites the bullet and takes it the 15 feet outside to the big trash cans. I guess I could start putting our plastics in there. But yucko I hate touching old plastic. Especially old plastic with stuff inside. And breaking down cardboard is kind of a pain. Hmmm...maybe I should just back out of this."

my friends was the embarrassing part.

It was the fact that I am so utterly lazy and worried about other people's opinions that I can even bother to take my own bags to the grocery store (bags that are stronger and hold more stuff and look way cuter) or put some trash in a plastic bucket and take the other stuff to the regular bin. And not because it's supah cool to do it, but because it is common sense. I mean, really, do you buy a new suitcase every time you travel? Nope. Do you really enjoy seeing landfills? Nope. So it just makes sense to do what you can, when you can, and not to be a wiener about it.

And so, I will be joining the Use Less Plastic Challenge and focusing a little more of the precious brain space I have left (the rest is filled with the lyrics to "Ridin' The Range" by the Backyardigans and the exact sound my kids make when they have eaten a breadstick too fast and are about to spew it out) on not worrying about what my fellow Kroger patrons think when I bust out my own bags, and with trying to remember to not just toss the milk jugs in the symmetrically stacked trash pile, but to rinse them and put them in the recycling container.

Oh, I do look good in green.


Sarah said...

You DO look good in green, UK. I bought some reusable grocery bags at Kroger for less than a dollar apiece, and I know you can buy several (and cuter) ones on Amazon for not a lot of green. At first I did feel a little silly using those, but you're so right - they're more sturdy and hold more! Since we're all about "going green" these days, I am over the silly-factor.

And I finally got a recycling bin and we're starting to do some of that too. So YAY for you for going green!

Nicole McIntyre said...

Our Kroger gives you 4 cents off for every reusable bag you bring in. ( I have five and even if I only use 2 they still give me 20 cents off.)

Once you get used to it, it's not that much harder and the Bug really enjoys it. I keep our recycling in the laundry room and he loves to recycle things by throwing them over the baby gate for me.

You can do it! I figure I can't do everything, but every little thing is better than nothing!

amber said...

Seriously...I think about this all the time...and am too lazy to change my ways! Every time I use a paper towel...which is seriously way too often...I do feel a little guilty:)! now you have inspired me to change my ways! Little by Little!

Tiffany said...

The beauty of the reusable bags is that 1) the handles don't stretch out to be three feet long so that you end up dragging your Cocoa Puffs and string cheese across the parking lot; 2) the handles don't create a turniquet on your arm as you fish in your purse for the keys to your car; and 3) the bottom doesn't split, sending your new gallon of milk splattering and curddling instantaneously on the hot summer asphalt.

On the minus side: If I stop getting plastic bags, I will actually have to bite the bullet and buy some real trashcan liners for the bathrooms (which I haven't done in years) instead of just using these puppies (the ones that aren't stretched out, blood-stained, or split open, of course).

Wardeh @ Such Treasures said...


You are hilarious! Every word you write is funny... how do you do THAT?

I am tickled that you're joining the challenge! I love the humor you bring to it!

There's no need to be embarrassed. Please tell me you weren't really embarrassed, because there's no need. I have just as much plastic in my life as you do, I'm sure. I have so far to go. And I don't think there's any way to get rid of plastic totally in the kitchen. I've thought and I've thought and I don't know how it could be done. But I can use less, that I know!

I'm really enjoying your blog. I admire humorous (and real) people so I'll be back!

Love, Wardeh

J. Canterbury said...


Here is a great site filled with news stories all about practical ways to be more green as well as learning about the natural resources around you.

In fact, I did a story about reusuable grocery bags just three weeks ago and Kroger was one of the stores highlighted in the piece. If is is not on the archive list, let me know and I'll make sure it gets put on it.

Each week we add two stories to the archive so check back often!