Tuesday, July 01, 2008

It's Been A Long Time, I Shouldn'tve Left You, Without A Dope Beat To Step To.

So yeah, sorry about that. I wasn't taking a formal break from you or anything, I just got a little bleh over writing and anything that required effort in general. I mean, I didn't coupon, I didn't BzzAgent, I didn't read my Real Simple magazine (I know!), I didn't do much at all except play with the kiddos and get the house back in order. But after a stellar few days (that involved donuts, finding my One True Purse, finding cheap hair bows for the Tot, S'mores, a picnic at a Lake, drinking DDP with some friends and watching a gigantor thunderstorm, the Tot going to her MeMe's house for a few days, and pizza) I am feeling totally chock full of things to share. And seriously, you know me, if I don't share all my daily minutia with the entire internet I feel a little lonely and purposeless.

And so, it is with much fanfare that I begin July. Here is what you can look forward to hearing about in the next month:

~ There are only 180 something days until Christmas. I must start planning.

~ I think I'm going to totally quit that whole "one load of laundry a day" thing.

~ The Ped Egg from TV? Totally rockstar.

~ How being the wife of a Road Warrior is treating me.

~ My hair (I know you've all been dying to see how it was coming along).

~ I'm thinking I'm going to get either a new tattoo or a new piercing. Or maybe a new shirt or something.

Well, I'm sure you'll all be checking your RSS feeds with abandon now, waiting upon news of the Ped Egg, but until then - never fear. I won't leave you for so long again.

Also, can anyone tell me where the title of my post came from. I might be persuaded to make you my new best friend if you can.


Lauren said...

I just HAD to find out where the title came from. But alas, I probably shouldn't say, since I had to google it, and there might be someone out there who actually knew it anyway. :)

Amy Lu said...

LOVE THE PED-EGG!!!!! My feet have never looked better!

Also, I came across a lady who sells a bunch of nose rings. Let me know if I need to grab a few for you. :)

Chris, Ashley, and Elena said...

In fact, there are 177 days left until Christmas. I should know. I have 177 days (approximately) left to be pregnant...My blog has a lilypie countdown to the baby/countdown to Christmas, in case you're ever unsure.

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about getting a tattoo also!! I want a Heart with "Cynthia" in the middle. It would make me feel like a sailor. Your mother says she wants a Jesus Fish with a heart in the middle of it. Can you get us a discount and we'll all go together? tim

Unsinkable Kristen said...

Tim, you are kind of hilarious. And I would totally go get a tattoo with you!

Sarah Mae said...

Giving up a load of laundry a day? What's wrong with you? Heathen.


Diana Richards said...

I totally can't tell you who sang those words, but I can sing them to you...I'll call you tomorrow and do it. Your list is exceptional! Can't wait to hear all about your awesomeness! Later!

Robin said...

I gave up on that load of laundry a day a long time ago...unfortunately, we have clothes mountain again! I just wasn't brave enough to blog about it! Hahaha

Nicole said...

Okay, I had to google it--Timbaland. Are you really getting a tattoo? I've been thinking about it on and off, but I just don't know if it would be the right thing for me to do.