Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I know it's rather shameful that I haven't done Thankful Thursday in like, forever, but I'm here now and more thankful than ever.

1. I am thankful that Dave will be home tomorrow (tomorrow!). He's been on a sale/training trip and I'm missing him something fierce!

2. I am thankful for the rock star ladies bible class we had last night. I haven't been able to go before because of the other work I'm doing at church, but it's totally awesome and I'm going to try to get in there more often.

3. I am thankful that while Dave's been gone the kids really haven't been too bad. They've certainly been energetic (read: Tot waking up at 3am to eat half a bag of marshmallows and then waking me up to ask for a tiny taste of milk because she's now thirsty), they've been pretty good.

4. I am thankful for Dave's parents who watched the kids twice (twice!) in two days, once so I could go to the doctor and once so I could get out for a bit and recharge my batteries by shopping at a craft mall (got the cutest little thing there, I'll have to show you later). They even fed my kids while I was gone and then fed me cheesecake. Not too shabby for the Unsinkable!

5. I am thankful that I'll be visiting Indiana this fall and getting to see my family and the Spicers!

6. I am thankful that thanks to my awesome sister in law, I found the worlds most perfect tank top/camisoley thing and have since bought four of them on clearance and wear them all the time. Doesn't get better than cute, flattering clothes on clearance.

7. I am thankful that Dave doesn't come home until tomorrow because as much as I miss him I have a heck of a lot of laundry to get done so he doesn't think I've just been sitting at the computer the past week :)

8. I am thankful that even though my attempt to dye the front part of my hair turquoise didn't work (and left me with two swipes of clorine green hair), I have decided to try again and will maybe even go to a professional to get this done. This first attempt didn't even warrant pictures.

9. I am thankful that Little David is talking up a storm, even if it means the noise quotient in the house has risen dramatically.

10. I am thankful that God loves me enough to put up with me when I'm a mess. He loves you, too, you know. In fact, we're pretty lucky. We can be a little irritating at times, what with our controlling nature, jumping the gun on decision making and inability to see that we are ever wrong. Well, maybe not so much you as me, but whatever, you know what I mean.

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Robin said...

I am also incredibly thankful that you are heading this way in Oct...Yeah!