Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A Waking Up Extravaganza!

I know! It's been, like, forever since I've had a good extravaganza! I've been mulling over what habit I wanted to do in July and after perusing through my bible and the blogosphere, I was hit between the eyes with what I needed to do next.

Wake up early.


You see, The Unsinkable likes her sleep. There isn't much else I would put before it. In college, I purposefully chose to sleep instead of staying up all night to finish papers, even though I knew that if I did I would get a full letter grade higher. When Tot was a baby I chose to co-sleep, even though I had always thought it was way too granola for me, because I could get a full nights rest doing so. And even though Dave mentioned many, many times over that he wouldn't mind at all if I woke up with him when he was getting ready for work (at his old job) because he enjoyed puttering around with me in the morning (aw...) still I chose to sleep in.

So you see, this is not a challenge I am taking lightly. It's not that I didn't want to wake up with Dave, more that I could manage to do it maybe once a week and then the seductive call of my cozy blankets would be too much for me to resist and I would sleep until I heard the kids making a horrible mess.

But it seems that the Lord has other plans. In what can only be called So Not A Coincidence, all of the blogs I've been reading have been talking about waking up early, how to do it, and how much more productive it makes you. My bible reading has been talking about laziness and about being a self starter, and even in my prayer time (when I do my best to pray for other people and hope that God will stop nudging me on all those tiny sins I keep doing), it's been like a freight train telling me that this is an area that if I would just sacrifice in, I would see so much improvement in all the other areas that have been frustrating me.

Such as.

Every day, my Tot wakes up at 6:15 - 6:30 am. I know. For a chronic sleeper, this is the worst sprt of punishment. It used to be that she would climb in bed with me and be content to snuggle a little with me or watch a cartoon while I made every effort to catch just a little more sleep. Then she upped the stakes on me. Now, she completely avoids our room and goes straight to her brothers room and wakes him up! This wouldn't be a big deal if he, too, was an early riser. However, this kid will sleep until 9am if we let him! And so for the past few weeks I've been racking my brain, trying to figure out a good solution, and then today it hit me and I felt like a total dweeb for not thinking of it earlier. If I just woke up before Tot, then I could be there to stop her from waking up Little David. Genius.

Also a little annoying.

And so, tomorrow morning at 6:00am, my 30 day Waking Up Extravaganza begins. I know that it would have been easier to begin this on the 1st of the month, but I was still mulling everything over and the full genius of this plan hadn't hit me yet. You just can't time inspiration. Also, Tot is staying at her MeMe's until tonight and that means I got to sleep in for THREE DAYS. Unparalleled. Anyways, the plan is that I will wake up every single day of the week for thirty days straight - come rain or waking up in the middle of the night children - and then see if the early start to the day has helped me enough to keep going. Oh, and I should mention that Dave no longer works at the job that requires him to be up so early, so he doesn't care anymore. I should also mention that it was pretty rotten of me to not wake up with him. Bad Unsinkable! Bad Wife!

So, who's with me?? I would love it if some of you decided to join me and would let me know how it goes for you. It's always more fun to go on an Extravaganza with friends! If you aren't quite up to it (or are already a disgustingly perfect, naturally early riser), never fear. You can simply cheer me along from the sidelines.

Go, Unsinkable, Go! Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaa, Unsinkable!


Sara said...

Honestly, this is an area that I have felt the same nudging, but I've been telling myself, I'm pregnant, I need my sleep! But I need to learn to go to bed earlier, then I can get up earlier. So I am cheering you on, and I will try to join the early-morning party.

Tiffany said...

"the plan is that I will wake up every single day of the week for thirty days straight"

Well, I would hope so. Those days you don't wake up are a little awkward with the pulse-checking and undertaker-calling, you know?

Just kidding -- I think this is a great idea. I'm just curious as to whether it extends to Saturdays, too. If so, that will officially mak eyou a complete and total Beast in my book. And, as you know, being a Beast in my book counts for a great deal.

I'll go ahead and commit about 75% to this challenge. I can't go all the way since I have this month off with the move and between jobs -- a girl needs to relish her beauty sleep when she can get it, right? In honor of Independence Day, however, I will commit to *most* days living by ol' Benjy Franklin's mantra of early to bed, early to rise. After all, he promised it would make us healthy, wealthy, and unsinkable...or something like that.

Robin said...

Unfortunately, I have already joined your extravaganza...but not by choice...Gavin is also an extremly early riser and it has just gotten worse since he was moved to a big boy bed 2 wks ago. I have been taking naps in the middle of the day though, does that disqualify me? Gavin is still a good napper and Peyton "rests" with me. I am sure I will be up WAY earlier than you when the new baby comes.