Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I was going to post something cool today, but instead my house got invaded by fire ants. Again. For the record, I hate (hate! hate! hate!) ants. Especially fire ants. And today I found them in my pantry (my pantry). Shouldn't the pantry be sacred or something?! And even worse. They got into my M&M's.

There will be blood.

Thank heavens I had done at least one Napstravaganza project and it was cleaning out the pantry and getting everything into air tight containers, so there really wasn't much food I had to throw out. The apparent draw was a giant deli box of cookies from Jason's Deli that my sister in law gave us on Sunday. You would not believe how many ants were in that box. Shudder.

But the worst part? They have been sneaking into the kids rooms and biting them while they sleep. Only one or two bites, but that is enough. A few weeks ago it was worse and poor Tot woke up with probably ten bites all over her little body. I found a giant nest in one of her stuffed animals. Is there anything sicker than that?!? So I sprayed all around the inside and outside of the house, and they stayed away for a few weeks, but they are back.

And so, I have spent my morning killing ants with bleach, setting out traps, walking around the yard (and finding a fire ant mound the size of an adult pillow - NO LIE) and sprinkling ant killer everywhere by the ton. Later today I will be fogging the house and then later this week we will be spraying all around the yard and fence line and probably inside again just to be sure.

I am telling you, There Will Be Blood.

Or at least a jackload of dead ants.


Amy Lu said... need to splurge and call pest control. Fire Ants are bad and hard to get rid of. Have them bring their special recipe and get rid of these things!!!!!

Robin said...

You know where you don't have to worry about fire ants?
Indiana...just a thought!

Nicole McIntyre said...

Amy is right. We had a huge problem with ants (blessedly not fire) an now have a local bug service come every two months. Our is only 35 bucks a month and was definately worth it, since I was spending close to that on foggers and traps. We made sure that ours is kid/pet friendly. We started in may, and I haven't seen any creepy crawlies.

Amy Lu said...

Another thing about these critters....distrub their nest and they just move to another place in your yard. They will not leave. I think our service is $60 a quarter. I highly advise you get this.

Unsinkable Kristen said...

Thanks guys! Dave's dad and granddad used to own an extermination business, so his dad has been helping me with all of that and telling me what to use and what to buy and how to use it.

Also, the house has been fogged and I am now vacuuming up dead ants. It's awesome :)

Angela said...

I found a couple places online that mentioned baby powder being great for inside where kids will be near. We had (I can only imagine) a mound moving and where we'd a few weeks before struggled with 3 or 4 constant ants (but had cleared up for two weeks) there was now a wall and windows covered in them. On the ceiling too. My husband went outside and there was a 10 ft section of brick covered, they were in the eves, all over the plants and both windows and storm windows. It was creepy as all get out and horrible. Anyway, tons of ant spray, ammonia, baby powder and prayer and it is gone. But your situation sounds different. Seriously, sooooooo sorry.

Chad Gardner said...

In the M&M's?!?! This means war.