Thursday, August 21, 2008

Box Day!!

Oh, the anticipation! What treasures of learning will this box hold?? I can hardly stand it!

This is me hardly standing it.

Ahhh!!! There it all is!!!! A veritable cornucopia of educational materials!

Seriously!! How awesome is all that? And you can't even see part of it!

Here are the workbooks (on the right) and the teachers manual (on the left) and a few of the books. I've got the manual already in a binder and marked with our first week's assignments.

After having gone through all the materials again, and looked over the teachers manual extensively, I am trying to decide if I want to supplement some things. I LOVE (love!) everything they have included, but I'm thinking that Tot may need more of a challenge in some areas. There really isn't any formal math, as far as worksheets go. And I think Tot needs more work in that area. I may just purchase a small workbook for us to go through. She doesn't need any of the larger "programs", I mean she's only almost 4, but we do need to work on counting beyond 15 (after that she starts to go into "eleventy" and the like) and higher number recognition. Also, while they do work on letters later on in the year, Tot is already working on copying letters and small words (like her first and last name, short sentences) and I think she wants to do more there. So we may look into that as well.

So there you have it - our very first Box Day!! I have to say, it's absolutely totally fun to break into that box and see what all you'll be learning during the school year. I've always been a sucker for school supplies and this is just right up my ally. Every book is absolutely beautiful, and there are some things I would have never thought to teach her on my own. We're going to start school on Monday (I just can't wait until September) and I'm SO exicted and Tot has been begging to start ever since she saw all the books.

Wish us luck!

(also, stay tuned for First Day of Homeschooling pictures, what we did with our big box, and maybe an adorable video of Little David :) )


Beth said...

Where did you get your curriculum.
Is a preschool curriculum?

Luke said...


You crack me up!

Happy Box Day!

May this inaugural year be awesome. Good luck.


Unsinkable Kristen said...

I got it from - and yes, it is preschool curriculum, although the company offers curriculum choices from 3/4 years all the way through highschool. Google it and you'll find tons of great information!

letters to elijah said...

Love your excitement.. too cute!