Friday, August 01, 2008

Napstravaganza '08: 31 Days. 31 Projects. Totally Awesome.

I know! Could it get any cooler?! Today marks the very first day of Napstravaganza '08!!

But what is Napstravaganza, you ask? Well, I'll be glad to tell you.

What could you do with 31 hours? What things around the house could you possible conquer if you had all that time? This is what the Napstravaganza is all about. Everyday for the next 31 days, we will be conquering something that has been a pain in our behinds. We will be going through our homes and telling all those undone projects Who's The Boss. We will be taking our closets back, our unfinished craft projects back, we will be taking our lives back! For this month, we will ALL be Unsinkable!

You know, I've just noticed, but I tend to be a bit dramatic, don't I?

Anyways, here's the deal. Everyday during naptime we will do something for one hour straight. It will not be laundry, it will not be dishes, it will not be Days of our Lives (DOOL.). It will be something that we haven't had the time for, something that we have just procrastinated on, something that we've needed to do for awhile but just haven't. This can be time for a small craft, a quick fix of a junk area, anything. But the point is this - we attack these things quickly and without mercy. We go ninja on them. We get in and out in an hour and then we don't mess with it again. We don't slowly work over one quilt for a month, we do 31 individual things. I know! Can you hardly stand the awesomeness??

The beauty of this is that it is entirely customizable. Obviously your kids don't nap at the same time my kids do, or you may not even have kids. So, while I will be getting my Napstravaganza on from 2pm until 3pm, yours may be from 1pm to 2pm, or 10am to 11am or 10PM to 11PM. All that matters is that you take one hour each day and you get your thing going. And honestly, I'm doing this because I was thinking of Extravaganza ideas (I was bored.) and I thought how funny nap and extravaganza sounded together and that it was too awesome to pass up so I created an entire month around that one funny word.

Here's what we'll be doing. Each day, check in here. The Unsinkable realizes that 31 days of me telling you what my projects were would get a little boring so.....I'm going Twitter on you. On my side bar you will notice a constantly updating little box. This is where I will be telling you about my projects. Keep an eye on that, and then each Friday I'll be posting a wrap up with pictures that tells you what projects I worked on that week. I know! I am so high tech.

But you say you need ideas? That's what's holding you back? Never fear. Here are The Unsinkable's 31 projects. Steal them at will.

1. Clean out bathroom linen closet.
2. Organize pantry.
3. Update all files in filing cabinet.
4. Finish winter scarf.
5. Mend Jeanie Bunnie (she's missing an arm).
6. Plant flowers out front.
7. Redecorate fireplace mantle.
8. Reorganize bookshelf.
9. Spray paint chair for outside.
10. Reattach light fixture on front porch.
11. Clean Living Room carpet with Rug Doctor.
12. Clean out dresser and load it onto the truck.
13. Polish cabinets.
14. Make aprons for kids.
15. Put all recipes in books.
16. Print vacation pictures and put them in photo albums.
17. Organize all school supplies and books.
18. Make personalized note cards.
19. Remove rusted piece from mailbox.
20. Defrost upright freezer.
21. Clean out inside freezer.
22. Clean out icky bottom shelf in laundry room.
23. Move all DVD's into DVD books.
24. Pour dirt for Tot's garden and lay out plants.
25. Move all old files to external hard drive.
26. Delete unused programs on computer, defrag.
27. Clean out coupon box.
28. Move all numbers on to my new phone.
29. Replace address book.
30. Make Fall Preparation list (possibly my favorite item).
31. Hang Clothes line.

So, there you go! Napstravaganza '08! I will of course be requiring every reader to do this in some shape or fashion. If you are participating, blog about it and leave the link in the comments. At the end of the month we'll have a great blog party with DDP, m&m's and pizza. I'll eat it while I blog and you can eat it while you read - how does that sound? :) We will bask in the glow of our accomplishments and admire everyone's handicrafts. we go! Good Luck and God Speed!


Beth said...

How awesome are you?!
I will try this challenge with you. Sundays will be hard b/c we are at her Grammie Sylvia's during her naps on those days, but after this weekend, I will post a blog directing my readers to your brilliant idea!
Only one question, when do I get done all the other stuff that I useally do during that hour???

Nicole McIntyre said...

Great idea! I sort of do that now, just not daily. I'm not sure I have that much commitment!

Unsinkable Kristen said...

I'm trying to make a point of getting those things done in the morning. Plus, my nap schedule is a little different. Little David naps from 1 - 3pm and Tot naps (or rests) from 2 - 3pm. So, we do school from 1 - 2ish and then after she goes down I'll be doing my thing. I'd been trying to do more work in the AM anyways (because I usually slack until nap time and then put it into high gear and I'm trying to reverse that), so we'll see how this pans out in real life :)

Emily said...

I'm so in on this with you! My Monkey naps for 3 hours, so I can work for an hour and then have 2 to chill! Sweetness!