Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tot Speak

Just some tidbits from my every growing Tot.


T: Mommy, I believe that I am finished with my lunch now.


T: MOOOM, I am totally sure that it is NOT naptime. Also, I totally need this juice pop.

As she is trying to cut out a shape

T: Giminy Christmas, this is hard.


I think she's starting to sound a wee bit like her Mom. If she starts saying "Seriously", we'll know I'm in trouble.


Angela said...

My four and a half year old son started saying seriously right around the age two and a half. Its actually kinda funny.

Robin said...

Just wait until she looks at your someday with proud approval and says, "Strong"! ;)

Neina said...

You are both so precious and "Strong". Seriously!