Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tot's First Day Of Home School

Coloring the box her school supplies came in.

My Tot, looking so incredibly like a big girl and not a baby or a toddler. It just kills me.

Oh yes, that is a pirate hat on his head and a cowboy hat hanging on his back and fireman jammies.

Oh, I forgot to mention the lack of pants and the wooden shoes from Holland.
That completes the ensemble.


So, all I have are these pictures. I completely forgot to take any while she was actually doing school (probably because most of it is me reading to her). So I'll take some more later for posterities sake. Is posterity even the right word there?


Luke said...

Woo-hoo! Yay! Wonderful!

And since you asked: Yes, "posterity" is the correct word (near as I can tell), but it would be for their sake, so it would be possessive, and therefor "y's" rather than "ies" which may have led to the feeling that it wasn't right. Sorry... you asked. [smile]


Beth said...

Thanks for sharing!