Tuesday, August 19, 2008

An Unsinkable In Need.

Friends, I need you. I mean I really, really, need you.

In October, we will once again become the Traveling Chapmans and we will be taking two freakishly long car trips. First we will be driving to Indiana (a 14 hour drive, one way) and then a week after we return from that trip we will be driving to Colorado (a 13 hour drive, one way). Yes, that's right - we will be spending 52 hours in the car over a three week span.

Kill me now.

The trips themselves should be a ton of fun with plenty of time to relax and rest and enjoy new things, however, that is just a jack load of time to be in a car with two wee ones. And that is where you come in.

I need your tricks of the trade. I need to know all of the things I can do to make the long trips more fun for both the kids and myself. So lend me your lists, your links, every creative thing you've every thought heard or read. Leave me every link you've ever come across in the comments. Write down every ridiculous idea that you thought no one would use, every Car Trip Bingo variation, every organzing idea, every snack idea, every toy your kid (or your niece or your neighbors kid) ever loved, ev-er-y-thing.

My life depends on it :)


April Spicer said...

I just looked at 3 books yesterday at the library for roadtrips with kids. They were all fabulous!! Go to Watauga Library right away and check em' all out!

Tracey Clem said...
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Tracey Clem said...

I have one word for you...DRAMAMINE.

Night, night. :)

Random Ramblings From The Heart of Momma Chris said...

All i can tell you is what we did when we had to drive from GA back here to TX with Di & April .... LEAVE close to dark when they usually go to sleep. It won't cover the whole trip but MAJOR hours of it. Good luck!

JRandDaisha said...

OH, yeah... we always travel at night.


Cat said...

Our solution: Fly instead.

Costs a lot more but how much is your sanity worth? :-)

Nicole McIntyre said...

Here's what I learned after our trip last month:
1. Get something new for the trip in the toy variety. Doesn't have to be flashy, just uber fresh.

2. Colorwonder art supplies are fabulous!

3. Magnadoodle type pads equally fabulous.

4. I took teddy grahams and goldfish as snack, they had a certain play factor.

5. Invest in a portable dvd player.

amber said...

*bag full of pipe cleaners
*color wonder
*$1 new toys
*bubble tape gum:)
*books and magazines
*doodle pro
*sounds crazy...new box of band aids...they take awhile to undo and stick on:)
*small flashlight
*clay...not as messy as crayons
*shapes to cut out

I realize all of this is going to make your car very messy...but mess or sanity???

Sarah said...

Dang. Tracey beat me to it. I was going to say the exact same thing. :-)

The Reiboldts said...

I am a friend of Sarah's that stumbled across your blog, and I think you were actually an RA in my dorm at Harding. This website has GREAT car trip ideas for all ages. http://www.momsminivan.com/

Luke said...

Audio books. Absolutely awesome. Though, I doubt your kids would be interested in "War and Peace" or "Crime and Punishment" at this point. But there are plenty of long books everyone can enjoy.

Audio programs ("Adventures in Odyssey" is my personal favorite).

Doodle/writing paper.

That's all I got for now. I'm not looking forward to a 40 hour one-way trip bringing my kids home when we finally get them (we're praying for October)... especially since we don't speak Russian or Kyrgyz. [smile]


D&D Beffy said...

When we were younger and on long car rides, my mom would have a 'prize' basket that we would each get to draw something out of during each hour we were driving. They were cheap little toys or snacks, but it encouraged us to be good so we could get a new present.

Love your blog. Seriously.

Angela said...

surprise toys is good

another is just accepting the mess, just cleaning periodically

we had legos and crayons on our last 6 hr each way trip and they were everywhere but the kids were happy as can be.