Friday, August 15, 2008

What Napstravaganza??

I know, I know. My Napstravaganza '08 has been considerably underwhelming for all of you. Such grand hopes I had, such grand dreams! And while I have done a good amount of those projects, I haven't been anywhere near faithful in updating my progress on the blog.

Dave has been traveling out of state a lot for random two hour meetings (seriously, he flew to Phoenix the other day for a two hour meeting and to Virginia yesterday for a three hour one), and I've had my hands full with the kiddos (obviously.) and by the time evening rolls around, I lay sloth-like on the couch holding whatever takeout I've hunted and gathered, I sit back and think to myself "Self, I totally should be blogging right now instead of trying to avert my eyes from Michael Phelps and his halfsie swimsuit. I did, after all, promise to be all up on the updating, and I certainly have organized the pants off my pantry and linen closet and I do owe my faithful readers some accountability...but man these chips are to die for. And ummmm......queso. Oh look! Swimmings back on!"

And that's why I haven't updated.


Amy Lu said...

Makes sense to me! Mmmmmm Phelps.

hey does your phone not like texts anymore?

Nicole McIntyre said...

Nathan has somewhat come to terms with my crush on Michael Phelps.


Did you see the race last night? Wowzahs.