Monday, September 29, 2008

A Getaway...

My friend Aubree did this post yesterday and I thought it was so creative that I stole it from her :)

If you could have a week to yourself, an entire week with no one but yourself, what would you do? You wouldn't be allowed to feel guilty about leaving your family because in this scenario they are having the time of their lives without you and money would be no object and calories would not count. I know, perfection.

This is what I would do:

I would go here:I would sit here:
And probably here, too:

I would eat lots of this:

And this:

I would go on one of these:
And try to find a herd of these:

And try to catch one of these:

I would pack lots of these:
And one of these:

The cabin at the top is Thistle Dew Cabin in the Grand Tetons, the tipi is totally right beside it, and you can bet your sweet bippy I would spend at least one night sleeping in it.


NinjaPrincess said...

So in the last picture, are you packing the man or the hat? :)

The Aubrinator said...

Good pick! I spent a while digging for a mountain resort last night.