Thursday, September 11, 2008

Laundry, Bloody Laundry.

Today is Laundry Day. I'm bolding that, because it's not just a laundry day, it's a do every single load in the house because there isn't a stitch of clean anything here day. Even the sheets that were freshly washed on Tuesday are now dirty because every bed got wet in last night. Not even kidding. Little David's diaper leaked, Tot had her first accident in two weeks in her bed and then came to sleep in my bed, where she proceeded to have her second accident and then she laughed. Nothing like waking up to "Um, mommy? I peed in your bed. Sorry. Hee hee hee." Sigh.

So, I am ensconced in cozy pants today, and a cozy tshirt and (surprise) a headband and a ponytail (please don't come over unannounced today - I truly look terrible) and I am slowly making my way through what will probably be eleventy thousand loads of clothes.

Which brings me to Thankful Thursday.

Today, I am thankful for my washer and dryer and new laundry detergent. If I have to do laundry at all (which, Dave informs me, I do) then at least I don't have to hand wash it, or hang it up to dry, and at least it smells pretty awesome. As opposed to yesterday, when the smell from the laundry pile was overpowering.

Author's Note: The title is not referencing any blood on our laundry, no worries, no one has been maimed. I just started singing Sunday, Bloody Sunday and then during my tasks it somehow morphed into Laundry, Bloody Laundry, and now I can't stop singing it. Poor Bono.


Beth said...

Yeah, b/c bloody laundry sounds ick. lol.

I'm up to my knees in laundry too...
we can do it!!!!!!

Luke said...

Got the song reference right off, and while we have finished the washing part of Laundry Day days ago, the piles remain--clean, sure, but no where near sorted or folded. Finding a matching pair of socks is difficult in the morning.


Robin said...

My mom was here when I came home from the hospital and then the day she left, my MIL came, so my laundry is actually all caught up. I am now "on my own" however, so next week I will be singing Laundry, Bloody Laundry right along with every week after that I am sure. Actually it seems to be a matter of every couple of days!
Why is that?

Tiffany said...

I was totally singing it along with you.

Things to add to your thankful list:
1) You don't have to make your own soap from lard and lye
2) Lard and lye generally don't work their way into a lot of products these days (or, at least not under those name)