Friday, September 26, 2008

T- Minus Less Than A Week.

A week from now, I will be IN INDIANA visiting our awesome friends, the Spicers!!! I am so very excited and I just looked around my house and realized that I'm not adequately prepared to be gone for a week.

Things left to do:

~ Collect a few more "entertain the kids on a 16 hour long road trip" items

~ Call my grandparents to request Ham Salad...mmmm....Ham Salad.

~ Start making packing lists according to weather reports (honestly, and dorkily, my favorite part of a trip is checking how different the weather will be from where I am).

~ Wash and clean out my car, change the oil, and make sure it's ready for the longest trip it's ever been on.

~ Get my hair cut. Maybe. Dave wants me to cut it shorty short again, and I'm thinking about whether or not I am willing to sacrifice pigtails for shorter drying time. It's a tough call.

~ Get my fall clothes down from the attic and pull out all my long sleeved tshirts. I LOVE fall weather :)

That's probably all. What about you guys? Will any of you be traveling soon? What is your favorite part about preparing for a trip? Do tell.


Luke said...

Lord willing, my wife and I will be in Kyrgyzstan soon.

My favorite part of travel? Coming home. I'm a homebody.

Okay, I do love spending time with people and doing things other than sitting in front of my computer, so while I'm out and about, I love being with people that don't typically come over to my house. Better?


Amy Lu said...

I'm going to miss you. Check in when you can when you are gone!

Karen said...

I can't wait to see you!
i miss you
have a good trip and I will
see you in a little over a week!
love you

Sarah said...

Ditto what Lu said. You know my number!

I've got two possible trips in October: St. George Island with the fam, and the Smokies with the girls. Both will depend on the stupid gas situation here in Atlanta (um, the fact that we have none) and how much each trip will cost. Ideally, I want to do both, but if I have to choose, I'm going to SGI.

Good luck with your last week preparations. (And I'm with Dave in voting for the shorty short hair!)

taralynn819 said...

Flying to Minnesota (my home!) on the 7th, I am SO excited! My dad passed away this spring, and I am looking forward to finally a FUN reason to go home - FALL!

I haven't started packing yet since I still have a whole week, but I have planned a few activities, like apple picking (and crisp making with mom), quality time with my brother & his wife (including my super adorable 8-mont old niece Scarlett whom I haven't held since she was 1 month!), staying a couple nights with grandma and driving around the countryside for our foliage-viewing pleasure, meeting a blog friend from Minnesota, and scheduling time with some other family members and friends (SO hard to pick and choose - that's the worst part because time is limited!)

But mostly we plan to keep the schedule light so that we don't end up crazy with activity.

Then we get the joy of packing up all my "stuff" that my mom has been hounding me to get out of her house for years, and DRIVE back to Maryland. NOT looking forward to that either! (3 whole days of gas station, no thanks.) But so many trade-offs so I don't care about that right now.

Of course, the plans are always more perfect than things actually work out. But'm always hopeful anyway.

Have a fun trip! The Midwest is the best!