Monday, September 08, 2008

When The BlogRoll Is Called Up Yonder

Hey Friends! In the spirit of redesigning my blog, I thought that I would also update my blog roll. I'm going to attempt to make it a separate page so that I can include more than ten or so people and some other blogs/websites that I enjoy and that I think you will enjoy as well. It will be simply fabulous. Then maybe after all this redesigning I can get back to writing posts that have actual content. Wouldn't that be a nice change?

On that note... I'm setting out an open invitation for the blog roll. If you would like me to include your name on the roll, then I would like you to be on my blog roll! Email your name and blog address to:

unsinkablekristen(at) gmail(dot)com

(I know! Such a fancy email address!)

I'm going to try to get this up by this weekend, so that's the deadline for submissions (I know, like there's going to be a stampede - LOL).


On a totally unrelated note - the kids are in bed, Dave is in Arizona, I've got Season Three of The Office ready to start and some popcorn going, and I've just realized that I'm out of Diet Dr. Pepper. What a cruel twist of fate.


Cheryl said...

Why Season 3 and not Season 4?

Unsinkable Kristen said...

Still haven't bought Season 4. I know. We were going to buy it tonight, but then Dave had to leave, so now I have to be a good wife and wait for him to get home and then tomorrow we're are SO THERE.

Anonymous said...

September 25 baby!!!!!!!!

Beth said...

Does this count?
Beth Britton