Friday, October 24, 2008

Back In The Day Posts

I'll be out of pocket this week, enjoying some cooler weather and a handful of mountains, so for your reading enjoyment, this week I'll be posting some of my archives from my very first year of blogging, circa 2005. Well, okay, not circa, exactly 2005. Anyways...

October 19, 2005 (after the announcement that I was expecting Little David)

Things I Have Learned About My Tot:

I was thinking about the Bean today, and I started to worry that I just wouldn't be able to handle two babies. I mean, The Tot will only be 21 months old and I am just one person. Two babies under two means these things:

Potty Training while Breastfeeding.
Double Dirty Diaper Duty until said Potty Training is complete.
Two cribs, Two highchairs, Two Strollers (or a double), Two gillion pacifiers.
Two babies who can't speak full thoughts.
Two babies who need Mommy's hugs and loves and constant attention.


But then I thought again. Who is this stinker thinker??? Surely not The Unsinkable!! The Unsinkable can overcome any trial, after all, what does anyone need except not to be sunk? So I began thinking of the things I had learned since the Tot's arrival. I've learned so much! And when you inventory what is now second nature to you, it makes doing it again much less scary. So, here is what I know:

I now know how to change a diaper. No kidding, I had never done it on a baby before Tot.
I know that when Tot purses her lips she is hiding something in her mouth. Usually a piece of dirt or carpet. Sometimes she finds leaves. I don't know where from.
I know that when Tot stares you down, she is most likely pooping. Afterwards, she smiles. But really, who doesn't??
I know that you can give Tot a bottle before bed, but only one. If she drinks anymore there's gonna be a blowout come morning. No one likes waking up to that.
I know that if I hold something in my mouth, like a spoon, she will toddle up to me and take it from me with her mouth. She will then hand it back to me to repeat.
I know that if she has a nightmare, all she needs is for my to hold her and rock and give her a pacifier.
I know that she is sleepy when she starts to walk to me, stops, sinks to the ground and just lays there for a bit.
I know that if I turn my back for a second she will learn to climb our chairs (happened two days ago. I turned around and she was chilling in our Ikea chair just looking at me like "Hey Mom. What's up?". Today she tried the Glider and was not successful.)
I know that she has some innate sense of when David is home. The second the door opens she knows immediately whether it is Laura Beth or David. When it's David, she immediately stops her activity and toddles over to hug him.
I know that if I ask her to "Give Mama a kiss" she will open her mouth and stick her toungue on my lips. Gross? yes. But still the sweetest thing in the world.

And finally, I know that when she falls and when she is hurt she always wants Mama. That lets me know that all I really need to be Unsinkable is to keep on keepin' on and the Lord will get me where I need to go.

Oh, and in case this was way too sappy for you, let me leave you with this. I also know that if you are wearing a clean shirt she will look at you and give you the most beautiful smile you have ever seen and then promptly toss her mornings meal upon you. Leaving you to smell like the most foul, rotten thing you can imagine.

Kids are great.

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