Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Because I Think It's Kindof Funny

Here is a pictorial essay of my trip to Colorado, as seen in pictures I took of myself.

It seems I have a problem.

I know, at some point it gets a little ridiculous, but I can't seem to stop myself! Do you think they have a group or meeting for this?


Tiffany said...

There is group therapy, but no one ever makes it to the meetings because they are too busy documenting themselves en route.

Debra said...

Oh you crack me up ... what a gift you are from God!

Love you, Debra

Diana Richards said...

LOVE THIS! You are too funny!

Luke said...

If there is a group, sign me up!


Beth said...

YOu should seriously keep pics like this in album for your kiddos. They will look back someday and have a good laugh but think on you with fond memories.
I used to always use the last picture on a roll of film that way, to take a picture of me and David. I started putting them in an album and its really neat to watch how we change over the years, and how the location behind us changes as well, as we moved, cut our hair, grew our hair out, moved again, etc.