Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Colorado Trip: In No Particular Order

So, the Colorado trip. It was awesome. I mean, awesome. There was gorgeous weather, incredible mountains, lots of fun family time playing games and hanging out in the hotel room. I always mean to give some cute anecdotal post about a handful of funny things that happened while I was away, but in the end too much fun stuff happened and I'm pretty tired. Vacation rocks, but cleaning up after one can sure take awhile (see: piles of clothes and suitcases that I have yet to remedy). Anyways, here are some of the pictures, can you even believe how pretty it is there???

Some giant rock in Arizona. Dave and I wanted to go see it, but apparently it's just in some guys backyard. Seriously.

The rock dwellings at Mesa Verde National Park. Um, awesome.

Again, the dwellings. Also, it was freezing at the top when I took this picture, but once we got down there it was almost hot.

The fam, right before we took a "strenous hike" down to the dwellings.
Tot and Little David called them "Indian Castles". Hilarious.

Dave and Tot at the highest point in Mesa Verde, 8,500ish feet.

Dave, Tot and I at the same point.

Pretty sure this is the same high point.

Laura Beth (Dave's sister, for those of you who don't know me personally) and I cheesing it up at some summit that we came across in between Durango and Silverton. Prior to this we were both taking pictures of ourselves for our blogs. :)

Dave and I at that same summit. You know, I'm sensing a theme here.
Go high places, take picture.
Also, that is totally a snow covered mountain top in the background. It was glorious.

Laura Beth and I taking another cheeser. We like to do this.

Dave and I, also taking a cheeser. We also like to do this.

The kiddos. I know. Could you not just die? They slept in the same bed all week (and did great, I might add) and one night Dave's mom found them like this when she checked on them. Ugh, how absolutely cute.

My David in Little David's Thomas the Train costume. We went on this wicked cool steam train ride (can you use the phrase "wicked cool" when describing a train ride?) that took us through all the fall colored mountains in to a pumpkin patch with all the Charlie Brown characters and lots of fun stuff for the kids to do. It was totally awesome and gorgeous weather. Little David, my lover of all things train, almost died from sheer happiness.

The fam with Snoopy and Charlie at the patch.

The train ride.

The kids at this "Homegrown" festival, eating apples. It was a super cute festival and the kids got to paint pumpkins and everything. However, frankly, with all the hackysack playing (not even kidding) and tie die wearing I wasn't sure if there weren't a few people harboring other "homegrown" items....

And finally, because no picture post would be complete without it, and because I took probably 30 of these, here is a picture I took of myself :)


Diana Richards said...

So ADORABLY fun! I am SO glad you guys had this opportunity and that God blessed you with pretty awesome kids for the trip! Love the pics! See you soon!

Tiffany said...

YAY! What crazy fun in Chapman land! Thanks for sharing these -- and would you not just die to have a giant rock like that in your back yard? (And the answer to that is yes, yes you would.)

amber said...

Seriously...are they holding hands!! This will for sure be a wedding video picture...too cute!!

Glad you all had a great time!