Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Covert Posting...

Shhh......I'm not supposed to be here.

But I just couldn't stay away from you. I had a free moment and I just had to sneak away! Here's the scoop on my Indiana vacation...

~ So far I've eaten my weight in ham salad, Art's Third Generation Pizza, Pizza King, Mancino's Pizza and Grinders, White Castle, Sausage Gravy, my liquid weight in non diet Dr Pepper, and I've put a serious dent in the candy drawer. I may not drive back to Texas, I may just roll there. Because I'm not done. We still have Rally's to hit and White Castle to hit again. Mmmm....

~ Tot has continued her charades here. She has run away to neighbors homes three times and cut her own hair once. More on those later.

~ It's gorgeous here. Will some one please remind me why I live in Texas and not this gloriously woodsy and farmy wonderland? Seriously.

Oh no! I hear Little David pounding his way up the stairs asking for Mommy. I'm trying to pretend I don't know who that is :) I'm pretty sure no one knows I'm up here, so I think I'm safe and Mammaw will come and get him soon. But to be sure I should stop typing.

~Covert UK

SSS **


*(Be Back Soon)
**(Sorry So Sloppy)
***(Love You Like A Sis)

**** What? Did you not write notes in highschool?

Oh. You text?

Wow, I'm getting old.


Luke said...

Thanks for taking the time to sneak away. We'll pass on your message to... wait... this is already on the internet. Nevermind.

And, no, I didn't pass notes in high school. I just talked if I had something to say.

My teachers loved me.

And, no, I don't text.

I posted about that yesterday, actually.


Beth said...

Your secret is safe with me.
Thanks for sneaking away to post.
I've missed "hearing from you" daily!

Tiffany said...

Mmm...White Castle.