Monday, October 27, 2008

Good Mornin', Mornin'

Hello Sunshine! Wake up, sleepy head! Why did you move that bojangle clock so far away from the bed? Just one more minute. That's why I love you. One more hug or twoooooo. Do you love wakin' up next to me as much as I love wakin' up next to you?

Er...sorry about that. Little family wakeup song going on there.

Anyways! I'm back! We had a great vacation and I feel ready to face the regular routine with much gusto and suave-ness. Speaking of which, I have a pretty good list of things I have to get moving on before I post the update (with pictures) that you have all been waiting on. I know, I know, the nerve of me getting household chores done before I blog. What a slacker. Here's where you stand:

8am - Breakfast & Dress
9am - Clean/Laundry/Vacuum
10am - School: Reading with both kids
10:30am - School: Practice sheets with Tot
Cartoon time for Little David
11am - Play time/Blog & Email Check <------ This is you!!!
12pm - Lunch time
1pm - Nap time

See? I promise that I have made time for you, I just have to do a few things first. Anyways, I'll see you all back here later this morning!

Enjoy your other blog surfing.

Well, don't enjoy it too much. Wouldn't want you to stray and all.


Jenni said...

Hey! Did you know you are really funny? I'm adding you to my bookmarks...we all need MORE FUNNY in the world, of this I am certain.

Thanks for entering my contest!

Luke said...

You're in my RSS reader, so I'm straying from you too far. Besides... you made time for me. [smile]