Monday, October 27, 2008


So that whole "update with pictures" thing is going to have to wait. Apparently, I took over 500 pictures on our Colorado trip (yeah, now that I have a 2G memory card I apparently have no boundaries) and it's taking a bit of forever to upload. So the Colorado post will have to wait.

Instead I will give you a bullet point list (re: total cheat post) on why I'm feeling great today.

1. Little David asked to use the potty TWICE today and DID IT. I know!! Maybe he will be potty trained a full two years before his sister was.

2. Tot wrote the numbers 1 - 4 from memory, wrote the numbers 1 - 10 during copy work, read the words CAT, SAT, and BAT and now officially recognizes all the upper and most of the lower case letters in the alphabet, along with most of their sounds.

3. It's frickin' freezing, Frankenstein, sitting at about 48 degrees this morning. That is nuts. It's also rather delightful having us all snuggled up in warm clothes and thinking about warm food to eat. I think that I will make grilled cheese and soup.

4. I am currently eating a tootsie roll from the bag of candy that I bought to give out at Halloween. If that bag lasts till Halloween it will be a miracle. Those tootsie rolls are delicious.

5. I walked 6 miles this weekend. I was going to try to walk 3 miles everyday, but with Dave's travel schedule that just isn't going to fly this week. So instead, I will focus on just doing some kindof exercise each day. Regardless, I feel pretty stoked that I'm starting something.

So that's why I'm feeling good. Stay tuned for the totally rad Colorado post. Because really, what's better than looking at someone else's vacation photos??


Luke said...

Gigs of photos? Colorado?

Sounds right to me.

Boundaries are for those without more flash cards.


Debra said...

Hey sister ... I'll keep you accountable on the walking if you'll keep me accountable on walking. How about it?

Glad you are back from your trip safe and sound! :)

Love ya!