Friday, October 31, 2008

Interview With The Tot

UK: Tell me about crocodiles, Totly.
It's about this. Their hearts, they can be dead with dead hearts. (makes dead face) You know about crocodiles, they can be endangerous. You know about dangerous means? Dangerous means that you always be careful around this crocodile that has green eyes and sharp teeth. Um, black eyes. Crocodiles have eyes just like people. But they don't have ears. Mommy, the deal is, you should always be careful around crocodiles so you have to be careful. Because they're endangerous. Because they have teeth, just like us, see? You should always be careful because crocodiles will bite. Teeth go back and forth.

UK: Hmm. Okay. Tell me about another animal.
T: I want to talk about crocodiles.

UK: Okay, tell me more about crocodiles.
T: That thing on that side is called a Coraneos. Coraneos is another word for Crocodile. It's a chinese word and a spanish word. (starts singing in a kindof spanish/english sing song voice about crocodiles, I think half of the words were actually spanish and the other half were made up. But she watches Dora and Diego more than I do, so she could actually be very accurate.)

T: So Mommy, you tell me about crocodiles.
UK: I think you've covered it all, Tot.

T: How about you read me a book about ants?
UK: That sounds good.


Cynthia said...

That sounds surprisingly like Barak Obama when he discusses his plans for the economy. You're not quite sure what he's talking about but you know your money is endangerous.

Tiffany said...

I logged onto the comment section having just shot half a bottle of Aquafina out of my nose frmo reading Tot's ruminations. And then I read your comment, Cynthia and shot out the other half.

My nose hurts. The extended Unsinkable family is my new set of comedic muses.

Cynthia said...

Miss Unsinkable sprung from two punny parents - and she has been bouncing funny comments ever since. I'm just thrilled that other people find her as funny as I do. :)

ps. I'd do something about that nose thing though if I were you. It could make going out in public a little embarrassing when people mistake you for a fountain and start throwing pennies at you.