Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Good Morning Friends! It is a Good Day. It's chilly outside, I'm about to make myself a wee bit o hot chocolate, and the kids are pleasantly playing together. At some point last night both kids made their way into our bed and we all slept snug as bugs in our Queen bed. Dave cuddling Little David and me cuddling Tot. As irritating as it can be for a kid to jump in bed with you when all you want is to go to sleep in peace, there is nothing quite like everyone waking up at the same time and snuggling and laughing and talking for another hour under the covers.

So, in honor of this nice little morning, I give you - Thankful Thursday. Today I am thankful:

1. For my morning snuggles with my family. Love the family bed. In small, infrequent doses.

2. For my hot chocolate that I'm drinking from my Unsinkable mug that Cheryl gave me for my birthday last year.

3. That TONIGHT I leave to go on an actual, real live, vacation (Dave worked all through our Indiana trip). I'm totally stoked about getting seven days in a row with no house hold chores, husband around every minute, and mountains in the background. I am so, so grateful.

4. That Tot has such a desire to be clean, that twice in the past two days I've found her with a cup of shampoo in her hair and her trying to wash it out in the sink. Sigh. If nothing else, her hair is very shiny.

5. For Little David being a ham. This morning in bed he suddenly yelled out "NAKEE!! NO DI-PERRRR! MWAH HA HA HA" (seriously) and we yanked the covers down and of course he had secretly pulled off the diaper tags and was laying there naked as the day he was born, but with the ability to pee in much larger quantities. Quick as a whip, I got the diaper back on and he says "Aw. No nakee anmore."

6. For Dave wearing his cute little man pajamas. They are actually just sweatpants from Old Navy with no elastic and a draw tie, but they are so snuggly adorable that I could just pinch him.

7. That we get to go on our trip with Dave's parents and his sister. I definitely hit the jack pot when it comes to in-laws. They aren't weird, they aren't pushy, I genuinely like to hang out with them, and they keep Dr. Pepper in their house for me. And cookie dough. What more could you ask for?!?

8. For Colbie Callait's CD - Coco. I've been listening to it non stop since my birthday and I LOVE it. I think of her as a girl version of Jack Johnson/Jason Mraz-ish type singers. Total greatness.

9. My new socks. They have arch support and they are awesome.

10. Scott and Cheryl being the most rock star awesome friends who are feeding and medicating our dogs while we are gone. It's a hugely awesome thing for them to help us out it (especially because Bear has to have medicine in the morning and the evening) and we think that they are the best friends in the whole world. We will totally invite them to our next wedding.


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Sarah said...

Okay, first of all, #5 made me totally laugh. Had I been drinking DP, it would've shot through my nose. And #8 - I don't have the cd, but have a couple of her songs and I'm starting to really like her. Have you heard her duet with Mraz on HIS new cd, though? "Lucky" - download it. Love it.

Paige said...

Stopped over for a hello! Enjoyed catching up with you and yours!