Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful Thanksgiving Thursday

Today I am thankful for:

all of you

my super pal David

my THREE children :)

my rockin' apron, that just saw it's first Thanksgiving cooking extravaganza.

May you all have a fantastic day, no matter where you are at or who you are with.

May you eat more than your body weight in good food, and may you get the bestest deals tomorrow (um YEAH I'm going!).

May you remember to be thankful for all those annoying things that will turn out to be blessings later, and may your Thanksgiving be merry and bright.

Or whatever you say for Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

~From All Of Us Here At The Unsinkable's

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

To Do List.

Unload dishes.

Load dirty dishes.

Get kids back in playroom.

Check email to avoid folding laundry.

Finish grocery list.

Marvel at how cute my new haircut is.

Go grocery shopping.

Let kids watch cartoon while I rest. Making people is hard work.

Check blog reader to avoid folding laundry.

Make cornbread for stuffing.

While cornbread is baking, make dough for for yeast rolls.

Contemplate making dough for pie crust.

Take pie crust out of freezer.

Keep avoiding folding laundry.

Make kids lunch. Decide if a healthy lunch is in order, or if chips and queso will suffice.

They will.

Put Little David down for nap.

Read Tot books on Thanksgiving and do a Turkey craft.

Clean up giant glue mess.

Let Tot stay in playroom and watch SuperWHY.

Unable to put it off any longer, fold laundry.

Congratulate self for days.

Clean out fridge to prepare for Thanksgiving leftovers, Lord Willing.

Help Tot clean up wreck of a playroom.

Find so much old dried food hiding that the clean part of me dies.

Wake up Little David.

Snuggle and watch cartoons and check email.

Relax for the rest of the day, knowing Tot will be at her MeMe's all night and there is a chance for a full night's sleep.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Park Pooper.

Little David is a park pooper.

It doesn't matter where we are, what we're doing, who we are with. It doesn't matter if he just went right before we left, if we are in any sort of park, Little David poops.
We first noticed this phenomenon when at the school park down the street from our house. We didn't bring a diaper bag because Tot was potty trained for the most part and Little David had a fresh diaper and we were within walking distance from our house. Well, no sooner had we started pushing the kids on swings than Little David goes "Poo Poo, Mommy. Yucky Poo Poo."

And of course, there it was.

The next time it happened, Dave took the kids to the park himself and he called me on the way home and said "You'll never guess what your son just did." "Poop?" "Of course." We wondered out loud if it was just this particular park that his intestines had an affinity towards.

But then it started to happen everywhere. At the walking park. At the State Park in Indiana. At the indoor park in the mall. At Mesa Verde National Park. If we stepped into the geographical confines of any sort of park, even a car park, that kid pooped.

When I was pregnant with Little David, we took Tot on a walk every night. It got her energy out before bedtime and it got me moving in a non-stressful manner. Our neighborhood saw me go from normal sized girl, to mountain sized whale, huffing and puffing all the way around the block. But I am convinced that it help me gain only a reasonable amount of weight and made the labor better than it would have.

So, last night we took the kids on a walk to begin the daily walks in this pregnancy. We took them to a nice walking path we have about a half mile from our house that circles a small lake/pondish thing with ducks. It's well lit and pretty rad. So, we let the kids run wild while Dave and I walked behind them and chatted about our day. I said "I made arms and legs this week, what did you do?" He couldn't top that.

Well, we were about to finish the mile long walk, we had reached the last little exercise station (you know, the kind where they have pull up bars and such) and the kids ran around it and as soon as Little David ran up to me and said "Hold you!", I smelled it. I picked him up and the waft was atrocious and vile and it is a testament to my rock hard constitution that I didn't toss my pregnant cookies right there.

I looked at Dave and he said "The Park Pooper strikes again." Indeed, he had.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Motivate Me Mondays: For Real, Yo.

I know last week I was all "Oh, I'm going to do Gentle Mondays" blah blah blah. Well, Gentle Mondays are out and Motivate Me Mondays are totally in. I'll still be gentle, but I'll also be motivating, AND I'll be doing it with a jack ton of other people over at Sarah Mae's blog! I know!

So, just to let you all know what Motivate Me Mondays are all about, here's the scoop. I'm in a super exclusive (except totally not, because they let me in and we all know I am way too goobish to be exclusive) club called The 5AM Girls. Each morning we wake up at 5AM (or in my case 6AM) and we meet with God. We have our time with Him before the rest of the house wakes up and we give the first fruits of our time to Him. We have an email exchange going each morning when we are finished and we tell each other what we read, if we slept in, what we prayed about, and how God is using this freakishly early time to bless us. I LOVE these girls! I'd been waking up on my own for a week or two, and then I heard Sarah Mae was starting this group and I knew it was a perfect way to keep me going.

Do any of you remember some time ago I was planning on waking up at 6AM for a whole month and I pretty much never did it because I was a weenie? Not anymore, friends. God has given me accountability and joy in the waking hours. And it's been AWESOME. I've been writing out my prayers (because it helps me stay focused) and reading my Bible, and reading short bits from other devotional books and sweet fancy it's made a difference in how my day goes.

And so, for my first Motivate Me Monday, I will be sharing with you what I've learned this week and some helpful hints should you want to join us (for the record - you don't have to join us, nor do you have to wake up at 5AM - it's the spirit of rising before your family to meet with our God, not the literal hour you do it).

1. What God Has Taught My Stubborn Self (this will be a weekly feature :) ) This week it seems like no matter what I read about God impressed upon me how important starting my day with Him was. If I got up right away, I wasn't rushed and I really got to pray my heart out over my family and friends, and then I had time to be quiet and listen. I was able to work through my prayers and not toss up a popcorn prayer. But when I pushed the snooze button, even once, I moved slower, the kids woke up earlier and wanted to be with me (which, while it was heartbreakingly cute when Little David sat beside me to read "my Jesus Bible", it was also distracting), and I had to cut my time much shorter.

And the rest of my day followed suit. When I got up and had my full time, I spent the rest of the day in prayer and worship. I still struggled with the usual things, but I was much more inclined to pray first and act second. When I cheated my time, I was more rushed and impatient and the day just seemed to drag. I know! It's like taking a power vitamin.

Anyways, it's been huge for me. I feel like I am personally maturing with God and it is nice to know that I am giving Him my time and attention before I give it to anyone else.

2. Tips, Tricks, and Doozer Sticks (random Fraggle Rock quote, also a regular feature): You all know that I like my sleep. So I won't say that this wasn't difficult at first. However, I will say that Sweet Mother it is worth every drop of lost sleep, and that is coming from a girl who's 4 year old and 2 1/2 year old still don't sleep through the night regularly.

In case you aren't sure where to begin, here's how I've been rolling:

Each night I set out my phone alarm for 6AM, sharp. It's very annoying. I put it right beside my head, so I can't sleep through it. As soon as it goes off, I get out of bed and I put on my cozy slippers and my cozy robe and I make my way to the kitchen. If I've been a total rock star (which I wasn't last night) then I have my coffee already brewing. If not, then I start the coffee and I pour myself a giant mug with some holiday Coffee Mate (currently brewing Peppermint Mocha - TASTY!). As I slowly wake up and enjoy the warmth, I light a tiny Yankee Candle and I take my candle and my mug into the living room. I sit down on the couch (with the candle on the coffee table and the mug on the end table) and I turn on our low lamp. Right under the end table is my Bible, my notebook and pen, and my computer. I settle down to praying and reading for as long as my kids will let me - usually 30 minutes to 45 minutes. I'm trying to train them to get up at 7AM, but I may just have to get up earlier. When I'm done, I check my 5AM Girl emails (from those that actually do wake up at 5AM) and I see what they read and then I reply with what I did.

And then, I either keep on checking blogs or I get up and do something for the kids, whatever need be.

See? It is a very gentle way to start the day (I knew I'd tie gentle in somehow). The tip is, I make it as enjoyable as possible. I have a yummy drink, I have a nice smelling and pretty looking candle. I've got my coziest clothes on and a warm blanket. I have a note book that is pretty and a spot on the couch that has everything within reach. It's not a hardship to wake up with God, it is a privilege! When else could I have all this time alone with just Him? When could I have such a wonderful time with just me and God?

Certainly not during the day - you know Tot, right? :)

Anyways, I hope I have in some way swayed you to spend the mornings with us as we spend them with God. Each week I'll be letting you know how God has used this time with me to get my selfish butt in spiritual shape, I know, you can hardly stand the wait, right?

Author's Note: Maybe I should have taken my own advice, because this morning I totally snoozed until 7AM and I just got done doing my quiet time with the kids swarming around :) Still glad to do it, but again, it's always better to do it early. But the kids slept late this morning and Dave asked me to stay in bed and snuggle. And the bible does say to obey our husbands! :)


For more Motivate Me Mondays, visit Sarah Mae at Like A Warm Cup Of Coffee

Friday, November 21, 2008


I just picked up two solid oak end tables at a garage sale for $15! They don't match the rest of our furniture, they aren't a style I particularly like, but I LOVE having end tables that didn't cost much! There was a matching coffee table, but it had glass in the middle and Dave and I agreed that pretty much just spelled glassy bloody accident in our house. Also, the end tables are large - which is awesome. We have an over-sized couch and it dwarfs all conventional sized end tables, so this was a pretty stellar find.

In other furniture news, Tim (my Mom's husband) gave Dave and I his pretty much brand new, totally rad, leather lazy boy. For serious. It's crazy comfy, top o' the line, and it rocks like a dream. Dave and I are already "discussing" who should get to sit in it more. He has been wanting a new recliner for ages, but I am pregnant and therefore need more space and coziness. Also, I've already called it for when I'm nursing, why not start the transition now??

Two cheers for furniture!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

If I Didn't Already Know I Was Pregnant, I Would Now.

It all started near the beginning of my first pregnancy.

I woke up absolutely dying for water. My mouth was dry, my throat was scratchy and all I could think of was getting lots of water as soon as possible. I stumbled over to the bathroom sink, leaned down and drank straight from the faucet until I couldn't drink anymore and I thought my stomach would burst. Then, of course, I had to pee. After emptying my bean sized bladder, for some reason, my hands felt SO dry. Cracked and itchy and dry. I absolutely can not stand dry hands. So I searched all over the dark bathroom for hand lotion. I put it on, heaved a sigh of relief, and then got into bed. I figured I must be dehydrated and that the baby just needed more water. Weird.

And an hour or two later, I woke up again.

I used the bathroom straight away (because I drank a LOT), and then I was thirsty again. I drank from the faucet, straightened up, felt crackly hands, got lotion, got into bed.

And an hour or two later, I would do it all again.

Repeat all night.

While pregnant with Tot, I eventually realized that this wasn't mere dehydration and it was just a weird pregnancy quirk, and I remembered to set a glass by my sink and a bottle of hand lotion. It got to where I could pee, drink and lotion my hands all pretty much still asleep so it didn't matter how much I got up. I did this every single night until I gave birth and then I didn't do it anymore.

It took a few weeks of drinking from the faucet while pregnant with Little David for me to realize that it was happening again, and then I got out the glass and bottle of lotion. Again, I did it every night until I gave birth.

Fast forward to last night.

I woke up, throat burning, drank about a gallon of water from the faucet, about died trying to remember where hand lotion, any lotion, was until I caved and just used some heel cream on my night stand. Woke up, peed about a gallon of water, drank another gallon from the faucet, and got more heel cream. And before I drifted back to sleep, I thought "Oh yeah. Forgot about that."

So, on the agenda this morning is to find a giant cup for beside my sink and to buy a giant bottle of hand lotion to go right beside it.

At least this time I didn't drink from the faucet for a month, right? :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Guess What, Chicken Butt?

I was a little excited.

Aren't you glad I showed you this end of the stick?

We praise God for this incredibly fantastic blessing. We couldn't be happier.
Obviously, as Dave already posted it on Facebook and I've already blogged about it.
But you've been with me when I was in the dumps, so I wanted to share with you my absolute joy as well.

Simple Woman's Daybook

I did this survey a few days ago, and then found it again and realized that some women do it everyday and that it is called The Simple Woman's Daybook. And here I thought it was just an internet meme. Because I like it so much, I think I'm going to start my week with it every Monday. Yes, I know it's Tuesday, but I was driving home from my Mom's yesterday so I don't count it as an actual "week day".

I think the reason I like this so much is because it seems so... gentle. You know? There seem to be so many loud things around and so much busyness and so much crassness (oftentimes from myself :) ), that it is nice to take a step back and do something gentle. So, Monday's are my gentle days. Except for this week. This week Tuesday is my gentle day.

For Today... November 18, 2008 (Happy Birthday, Pappaw!)

Outside my Window... a brisk morning but sunny morning. Kindof my favorite.

I am thinking... that Little David running around the house singing "Bob Builder Yes I CAN" is hilarious.

From the learning rooms... We're learning about fish this week. We went to the library yesterday and I asked Tot what she wanted to learn about and she said "Fish." So, we checked out a bazillion books on fish and a movie about fish. We also got a lot of books about Thanksgiving that we'll be reading next week.

I am thankful for... a God who has lifted me out of a pervasive funk.

From the kitchen... quesadillas for lunch and breakfast for dinner! Yum!

I am reading... Mary Pride's Complete Guide To Getting Started in Homeschooling; Small Changes for a Better Life by Elizabeth George (LOVE her); and Feeding The Whole Family: Cooking With Whole Foods. Yes, I know. I'm a dork.

I am hoping... that Walmart has good, cheap house shoes for the kids. It's getting chilly here!

I am creating... some cute Christmas gifts.

I am hearing
... Little David stealing Tot's snack. "Tay-yers Food! Yummy Yummy!"

Around the house... The kids are watching "Sid the Science Kid" and I'm finishing up my interneting until naptime. We're about to load up and go to Walmart to get some house shoes and some fleece blankets for the kid's beds.

One of my favorite things... Dave's crazy warm pajama pants. I'm totally stealing them.

A few plans for the rest of the week... We're having a pretty calm week here. We've got school, cleaning up the house, doing a little Christmas shopping, and this weekend I'm getting my hair cut (finally!) and we're going to a going away party for our friends, Josh & Diana. If there were any way I could get my self to see Twilight for opening weekend, you better believe I would. I'm just not seeing a way.....hmmmm.....

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you... Taylor has leaned to take pictures of herself, just like her Mommy. I'm so proud.

Quote For The Week:

Yes, there is a place for taking care of yourself. [...] You fail to your back goes out or you find yourself trying to function in a depressed, defeated, discouraged, lifeless state. You fail to watch what you you lack energy or develop high blood pressure. You fail to get your necessary sleep (there's the TV, Internet, and hobby time again!) you can't get up, get going, or get it together the next day. You fail to practice discipline in the pills you take or the caffeine you you are unpredictable, unreliable, and unstable causing the others in your life (and the quality of your own life...your better life!) to suffer. You fail to take your vitamin supplements or prescribed medications and to drink enough water... so you lack the vitality and health needed in your daily life of service to God and others. I'm sure you're getting the picture.
- Elizabeth George Telling Me To Get My Butt In Gear in Small Changes For A Better Life.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

(Author's Note: Yes, they are holding hands. And no, I didn't put them in bed together. Dave and I just found them like this one night. Criminally adorable...)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tot Speak

In the kitchen, Little David tries to steal Tot's hot dog.

T: Bubba, the future is randomly generated. That means you shouldn't steal people's food.
UK: Um, what?
T: The future is randomly generated.
UK: Where in the world did you hear that?
T: Don't know.

I later found out it was from VeggieTales. You know, one of those throwaway comments that Larry the Cucumber says that kids don't ever hear and that adults snicker at? Yeah, not so much. Kid picks up every word.

On the couch today, watching it rain.

T: You know Mommy, water turns to ice and then ice turns back into water. That's called Reversible Change.

UK: Okay, this is getting weird.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

I'll be guest blogging over at Happy To Be At Home this week, so be sure to check out my additional posts there! And now, on to the show.

Since I'm blogging about my kitchen and the fixins therein, I decided that a plan was probably in order. I'm not a particularly creative cook, and I really enjoy baking a lot more, but I figured that it would do our family good for me to break out of my rut and try some new things. So I pulled out my latest issue of Everyday With Rachael Ray (yeah, I don't know why I get it, either, but it was crazy cheap [$12 for four years!!] and so I got it because I can't resist a deal) and flipped around trying to find some neat stuff. I would love to link to the recipes, but apparently Rachael frowns on posting every recipe from her magazine on the internet. Oh well. Here is the result:

Sunday: Grilled Chicken & Sweet Potatoes

Monday: Pasta with Roasted Cauliflower & Ham

Tuesday: Turkey-and-Stuffing Pie & Steamed Peas

Wednesday: Chicken Tender Wraps

Thursday: No Meat Spaghetti & Sauteed Acorn Squash with Onion

Friday: Homemade Pizza (using this dough recipe)

Saturday: BBQ Chicken in Crock Pot

You know, I think all of that sounds pretty tasty! Now, since Dave will be out of town on one or two of those days, I foresee having lots of leftovers. But that's okay, that just means good leftovers for lunch!

What are you making this week?

For more Menu Plan Mondays, visit

Friday, November 07, 2008


I don't know about you, but I really struggle with setting limits in my life. When I want to do something, I want to do it whole hog, all the way, hard core. I don't just want to eat a little healthier, I want to start making smoothies with spinach in them and only buy things that are frugal and healthy and cruelty free and organic and possibly gluten free as well. I don't want to just improve my relationship with God, I want to start praying an hour a day, do an intensive Bible study, go on a three month mission trip, volunteer at a soup kitchen,knit hats for under privileged Ukrainian children and sponsor a Haitian child.

No baby steps here folks.

But it always seems that when I take the reigns and I start running, God brings me back with inflexible barriers that force me to move slower. He manipulates the circumstances in such a way as to make me see how much better it is to take my time and to pray first and make lists and plans later. You know, measure twice cut once and all that.

I've been thinking a lot about how I want to structure my days while I am at home. You know, now that the kids are a little older and able to play with each other and watch tv and entertain themselves for longer stretches of time, I find myself in need of a new game plan. I can no longer rely on my children structuring the day as I had been. When your kids are little, most of your day revolves around putting out fires. You wake up to them crying in hunger, then they need to be changed, then they need this, then they need that. It's not a bad phase of life by any means, but the child is often doing the leading. And when you have two children that are young and close in age, while they may not be in charge, it is profoundly crippling to think that you can have a strict and set agenda that they will adhere to with no effort on your part. With children come interruptions.

But now, there are less of them. I no longer have to look at my children and gauge their emotional/intestinal/physical abilities before I go to the grocery store. I can go when I need to and through conversation and manipulation get through the errand without too many difficulties.

I can do this, you see, but I don't.

I seem to be having a problem adjusting to the face that I no longer have babies. Tot is four and will be starting Kindergarten (even if it is home school kindergarten) next year and Little David is already 2 1/2. They don't use high chairs or booster seats, I haven't used a stroller in who knows how many months, they both sleep in twin beds, and I am quickly approaching not having to buy diapers anymore. I am officially a parent of kids.

And so now, when I am beginning my day, I forget to plan. I have lived in a reactive state for so long that I have forgotten that it is infinitely better to be proactive (also a brilliant face care system). I forget that I shouldn't be sitting at my computer waiting to break up a fight, or tear a loaf of bread away from Tot's clutching hands. I should be doing something. I should be reading one of those history books on my shelf that I swore I would read when I found a chunk of time I could concentrate. I should be catching up on laundry. I should be cleaning out all those files from 2007 (and maybe 2006...). I should be reading more books to the kids, getting them outside more, doing more art projects and science projects. I should be having Tot do more work books and more memory work. I should be baking with them more, teaching them about household chores and responsibility. We should be having craft time, and music time, and, I don't know, Godly Instruction From Your Patient and All Wise Mother Time. Who knows who would be leading that one.

And now we are back to limits.

It seems that when one tries to teach one's children all those things in a single day, one's children get irritated. And one Unsinkable gets tired, grumpy and discontent with her mothering abilities.

This is when God straps me down and wrenches me away from the myriad of blogs that tell me how to hand felt my children's winter hats, and lets me know that one baby step, done regularly and well until it is an ingrained personal habit, is of far more worth than trying to do a thousand special things and only being able to make it for a single day before collapsing on the couch and never trying anything, ever again.

So, limits.

I'm working on mine. Slow and steady. Rough and ready. Working, working, working.

Also, if I find some one to lead that "Godly Instruction From Your Patient and All Wise Mother Time" I will totally let you know.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Need Some Ideas... (and also Thankful Thursday)

Hey friends, guess what? I'm going to be Guest Blogging at Happy To Be At Home next week! I know, isn't that cool? I'll be blogging about how our family eats and what I cook for each meal and then taking pictures to prove that I indeed did cook acorn squash and didn't just open up a Lunchable.

This is where you come in. I would like to try a new recipe this week, a nice new dinner recipe. When better to be adventurous than when lots of people are watching? So, what do you have for me? Send me your family favorites, your cold meals, your hot meals, your huddled masses yearning to be free. The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me. Er...sorry. Got a little carried away.

Anyways, send me some recipes so I can give one a go next week. You wouldn't want your Old Unsinkable to embarrass herself by making Stir Fry every night for a week and then having to blog about it, would you?


Now that I've gotten that public service announcement out of the way, it's time for.....Thankful Thursday! The part of our show where Kristen, shares some good things.

Today I am Thankful...

1. That God has give me some supernatural wake up powers this week and I've been up before the rest of the family and had quiet time. I am so incredibly not a morning person and I've been trying to have a morning quiet time for years and this week I've actually done it. And can I just say what a huge difference it has made? Thank You Lord.

2. That God's graces are new every morning. It's nice to know that when I've screwed up royally, I don't have to always look over my shoulder waiting for it to bite me in the butt.

3. For Chick Fil A's Peppermint Chocolate Milkshake and my forethought in buying one before church last night and hiding it in the freezer for after the kids went to bed. Genius.

4. That we don't have to move right now. There was some potential that we would have to move for Dave's job, but that has been tabled for the time being. Now he has a nice, fancy new account and we don't have to move for it in the immediate future. I'll take that.

5. That Little David is pitching a complete and total fit right now because I'm trying to finish this post instead of agreeing to "snuggle". It doesn't matter that we snuggled all morning and part of last night. This is now. But instead of being irritated, I'll be thankful. Thankful for those freakishly healthy lungs that are enabling him to scream so loud. Thankful that he's screaming for me to snuggle and not for some candy or a toy. Yes, that is what I'll focus on. Not my bleeding ears.

6. And finally (because I can stand the screaming no longer and have to go lay down the "No Fit Throwing Law") I am thankful for the Tot being a total doll this morning. She slept in late and is quietly watching cartoons right now while her brother mimics the Exorcist. I do love that kid.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Because Really, Why Wouldn't She?

Upon taking our morning walk around the neighborhood, the Tot told me that she needed to go potty. I said "Okay..." and before I could say "we'll start heading home now" she dropped her pants and peed in someone's yard.

I didn't expect I would have to have a "We-don't-use-the-bathroom-on-our-neighbor's-lawn" kind of talk with her.

I should have expected it, but I didn't.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Vote today.

Not because it is our right.

Not because it is a priviledge.

Not because you want change you can believe in.

Not because you're a maverick.

But because you can get. free. stuff.

Cheeky Unsinkable! Of course you should go and vote anyways, but who doesn't like some free stuff?

Monday, November 03, 2008

For Today... A Random Survey I Found

Outside my Window...

It is a nice, cool, 60 degrees outside and there is a breeze blowing through my window. It's supposed to be in the low 80's today. A perfect Texas November.

I am thinking...

That it's kindof nice waking up early and not feeling rushed through anything. I've got the dishes put away, the laundry started, my bible read, my kids hugged and snuggled, and I've made a good breakfast for my man. A good way to start the day.

From the learning rooms...

Today, we will be reading out of a selection of books and working on our copywork some more. Tot pretty well knows all the letters, now we are working on firming up her knowledge of sounds and writing them a little clearer. We will also be working on her memory verse and some counting. Little David will be playing :)

I am thankful that....

Dave and I hammered out a good menu this week and a great get the house back in shape plan. With all the traveling things had spiraled downward and Dave is being a pretty rad husband and is helping me with the mess until we get it tamed.

From the kitchen...

I made eggs and strawberry toast this morning, for lunch we are having sandwiches and ants on a log (or maybe leftovers from Ghengis Grill last night - yumO), and for dinner we are having our favorite, stir fry. Seriously, could we be more fancy?

I am wearing...

A cute shirt I got at Old Navy last night (on sale!), my favorite jeans, new house shoes I got at Old Navy last night (not on sale, boo.), and an apron.

I am reading...

A Place Of Quiet Rest, by Nancy Lee DeMoss. It's about having quiet time with God each day and about ordering your life around it. Pretty good stuff.

I am hoping...

To get my stuff done today and to keep the positive attitude that I feel this morning. I am also hoping to see a little chocolate in my future.

I am creating...

My Christmas list. We just finished funding our Christmas budget and I've got a burning desire to get started on my Christmas shopping! But like a good Dave Ramsey girl, I'm going to sit down and make a good list of all the gifts we want to get, and then go out and buy them with cash. I do love Christmas shopping.

I am hearing...

Sesame Street in the living room (Should you want to know, the number of the day is 14) and the dryer drying a load of grays. Yes, we had so many clothes piled up that there is actually an entire load of grays.

Around the house...

I've got to finish the laundry, clean up the horror that is the kitchen floor, and vacuum around the house. It's kindof a light day since I have to grocery shop as well and run some other errands.

One of my favorite things...

Is my kicky new hat that I just got this weekend. I'm not a leisure hat kindof gal normally, but this one was so fun that I got it anyway and wore it on my girls night out this past Saturday. Apparently, it restores some kindof youthful glow to my face, because while at dinner the whole table got drinks and I was the only one to get carded. Seriously. Everyone was chuckling after ordering asking if the waiter needed to card us, and he says "No not you guys (chuckle chuckle) but I actually do need to card her." and pointed to me. I laughed thinking he was just being funny, but dude he was really, truly serious. I think it may be a magic hat.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...

Finishing up the laundry (it truly is a week long task), getting the house nice and clean, going to Dave's last softball game tonight, and that's pretty much it. We've got a real quiet week ahead of us and I couldn't be more pleased.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

My Bingo Gals at Girls Night. Bingo rocks my face off.
Also, I like the Daubers.

Meghan, Angie and I at Logans

Me, the Kicky Hat, and my Drink.
Good Times.