Thursday, November 20, 2008

If I Didn't Already Know I Was Pregnant, I Would Now.

It all started near the beginning of my first pregnancy.

I woke up absolutely dying for water. My mouth was dry, my throat was scratchy and all I could think of was getting lots of water as soon as possible. I stumbled over to the bathroom sink, leaned down and drank straight from the faucet until I couldn't drink anymore and I thought my stomach would burst. Then, of course, I had to pee. After emptying my bean sized bladder, for some reason, my hands felt SO dry. Cracked and itchy and dry. I absolutely can not stand dry hands. So I searched all over the dark bathroom for hand lotion. I put it on, heaved a sigh of relief, and then got into bed. I figured I must be dehydrated and that the baby just needed more water. Weird.

And an hour or two later, I woke up again.

I used the bathroom straight away (because I drank a LOT), and then I was thirsty again. I drank from the faucet, straightened up, felt crackly hands, got lotion, got into bed.

And an hour or two later, I would do it all again.

Repeat all night.

While pregnant with Tot, I eventually realized that this wasn't mere dehydration and it was just a weird pregnancy quirk, and I remembered to set a glass by my sink and a bottle of hand lotion. It got to where I could pee, drink and lotion my hands all pretty much still asleep so it didn't matter how much I got up. I did this every single night until I gave birth and then I didn't do it anymore.

It took a few weeks of drinking from the faucet while pregnant with Little David for me to realize that it was happening again, and then I got out the glass and bottle of lotion. Again, I did it every night until I gave birth.

Fast forward to last night.

I woke up, throat burning, drank about a gallon of water from the faucet, about died trying to remember where hand lotion, any lotion, was until I caved and just used some heel cream on my night stand. Woke up, peed about a gallon of water, drank another gallon from the faucet, and got more heel cream. And before I drifted back to sleep, I thought "Oh yeah. Forgot about that."

So, on the agenda this morning is to find a giant cup for beside my sink and to buy a giant bottle of hand lotion to go right beside it.

At least this time I didn't drink from the faucet for a month, right? :)


Chad Gardner said...

Hey, by the 5th or 6th kiddo you might have this whole pregnancy thing figured out!

Linda said...

ROFL Kristen!

Luke said...

My wife rolls her eyes at me when I drink from the faucet. ...I only sometimes do it to annoy her [smile].


Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Does this mean congrats are in order...or are you still debating?

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Oops...didn't scroll to see the picture...YEA.....CONGRATS!!! YIPEEE!!!!