Thursday, November 06, 2008

Need Some Ideas... (and also Thankful Thursday)

Hey friends, guess what? I'm going to be Guest Blogging at Happy To Be At Home next week! I know, isn't that cool? I'll be blogging about how our family eats and what I cook for each meal and then taking pictures to prove that I indeed did cook acorn squash and didn't just open up a Lunchable.

This is where you come in. I would like to try a new recipe this week, a nice new dinner recipe. When better to be adventurous than when lots of people are watching? So, what do you have for me? Send me your family favorites, your cold meals, your hot meals, your huddled masses yearning to be free. The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me. Er...sorry. Got a little carried away.

Anyways, send me some recipes so I can give one a go next week. You wouldn't want your Old Unsinkable to embarrass herself by making Stir Fry every night for a week and then having to blog about it, would you?


Now that I've gotten that public service announcement out of the way, it's time for.....Thankful Thursday! The part of our show where Kristen, shares some good things.

Today I am Thankful...

1. That God has give me some supernatural wake up powers this week and I've been up before the rest of the family and had quiet time. I am so incredibly not a morning person and I've been trying to have a morning quiet time for years and this week I've actually done it. And can I just say what a huge difference it has made? Thank You Lord.

2. That God's graces are new every morning. It's nice to know that when I've screwed up royally, I don't have to always look over my shoulder waiting for it to bite me in the butt.

3. For Chick Fil A's Peppermint Chocolate Milkshake and my forethought in buying one before church last night and hiding it in the freezer for after the kids went to bed. Genius.

4. That we don't have to move right now. There was some potential that we would have to move for Dave's job, but that has been tabled for the time being. Now he has a nice, fancy new account and we don't have to move for it in the immediate future. I'll take that.

5. That Little David is pitching a complete and total fit right now because I'm trying to finish this post instead of agreeing to "snuggle". It doesn't matter that we snuggled all morning and part of last night. This is now. But instead of being irritated, I'll be thankful. Thankful for those freakishly healthy lungs that are enabling him to scream so loud. Thankful that he's screaming for me to snuggle and not for some candy or a toy. Yes, that is what I'll focus on. Not my bleeding ears.

6. And finally (because I can stand the screaming no longer and have to go lay down the "No Fit Throwing Law") I am thankful for the Tot being a total doll this morning. She slept in late and is quietly watching cartoons right now while her brother mimics the Exorcist. I do love that kid.


Cash Girlz said...

Hey how far are you from houston and dallas? tell me on facebook cause some of the cast of twilight are going to be there like...
taylor lautner-jacob black(houston)
rachael reaser- victoria (houston)
edi gathegi-laurent (houston)
Robert pattison- edward (dallas)


The Garrett's said...

I'm so excited about your guest blogging! I read that every week. You're like a celebrity now :)