Friday, November 21, 2008


I just picked up two solid oak end tables at a garage sale for $15! They don't match the rest of our furniture, they aren't a style I particularly like, but I LOVE having end tables that didn't cost much! There was a matching coffee table, but it had glass in the middle and Dave and I agreed that pretty much just spelled glassy bloody accident in our house. Also, the end tables are large - which is awesome. We have an over-sized couch and it dwarfs all conventional sized end tables, so this was a pretty stellar find.

In other furniture news, Tim (my Mom's husband) gave Dave and I his pretty much brand new, totally rad, leather lazy boy. For serious. It's crazy comfy, top o' the line, and it rocks like a dream. Dave and I are already "discussing" who should get to sit in it more. He has been wanting a new recliner for ages, but I am pregnant and therefore need more space and coziness. Also, I've already called it for when I'm nursing, why not start the transition now??

Two cheers for furniture!!

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Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Yea for you score...aren't they the best. Now, show us some pictures and let us help you. If you don't like them...change them. A tiny bit of sanding (or no sanding at all and use some Kilz primer), then some spray paint in awesome black or antique white and you will have brand new end tables that you LOVE. You could even hot glue some little fringe around the end and you'll think you got it at a fancy smancy store.
I LOVE yard sales (and have way too many things that I am going to get to....and never do. :)

A 5 A.M girl!! YEa for your early Saturday morning with the Lord. Great job!