Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tot Speak

In the kitchen, Little David tries to steal Tot's hot dog.

T: Bubba, the future is randomly generated. That means you shouldn't steal people's food.
UK: Um, what?
T: The future is randomly generated.
UK: Where in the world did you hear that?
T: Don't know.

I later found out it was from VeggieTales. You know, one of those throwaway comments that Larry the Cucumber says that kids don't ever hear and that adults snicker at? Yeah, not so much. Kid picks up every word.

On the couch today, watching it rain.

T: You know Mommy, water turns to ice and then ice turns back into water. That's called Reversible Change.

UK: Okay, this is getting weird.


Cynthia said...

Ok. Now that was funny. Her momma was alot like that too. I recall a time when Unsinkable saw her Mamaw's Christmas tree and told her that it looked "Surrifulous!" (You know, it means pretty.)
Keep writing these down. You'll forget them when you're a grandma.

Anonymous said...

I warned you PBS was going to affect your kids...

Unsinkable Kristen said...

For real, yo.

Robin said...

I was just posting something that Peyton said today too...they really DO hear and see everything don't they!

Luke said...

Hilarious! Can't wait for kids!


Tracey Clem said...

Wow, who knew you were so dang good at home schooling? Can I send Cameron to the "Unsinkable School for Crazy Good Vocabulary Skills"?