Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I Am, Of Course, Resolute.

It's that time again, kiddos. New Years Resolution Time. The time of year where we all think of the coming year and imagine the great possibilites. Where we dream about being all that we can be, kicking those habits we've stubbornly held on to, finally reading all those bestsellers and seeing all those Oscar winning movies. In short, it is the time of year where we are high.

This year, I am determined to have a high resolution completion rate, and so I'm aiming low :)

Resolution #1: Have A Baby.

Resolution #2: Read the Bible in a year, along with My Utmost For His Highest.

Resolution #3: Potty train Little David, Lord Please.

Resolution #4: Lose the baby weight. Might as well start thinking about that now :)

Resolution #5: Eat some chocolate every week. Try to not let that interfere with Goal #4.

Resolution #6: Not incur any late fees at the library. I mean, seriously. I'm awful with that.

Resolution #7: Eat more Sushi. I'll stick with the cooked kind for now, but as soon as that baby comes out I'm chowing down. That's right, Unagi, I'm looking at you.

Resolution #8: Not keep Netflix movies for over a month. It defeats the purpose.

Resolution #9: Learn how to crochet. Maybe. I've wanted to do this for years and never have, so I'm not going to be too bent out of shape if I don't get to it. Maybe this should be a long term goal...

Resolution #10: Plant something. I'm not going to resolve to plant a garden or even a vegetable. I'm just wanting to plant something. And not kill it. Maybe that should be the real goal. Not kill at least one plant.

Okay, so there are my goals. I like to make ten goals so that next year I can easily compute my success rate :) What about you? What are your resolutions/goals this year?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday Favorites

Ahh, Tuesday Favorites. I haven't done this in a long time, but I thought I would give it a shot this week. I'm not promising to bring it back permanently, but who knows?

1. Dave's Clothes - My husband is a sever pragmatist when it comes to clothes. They must meet three criteria: super comfy, light weight, and casual. Anything that has scratchy material goes. No wool, no polyester. Nothing that is too thick, bxpecause he runs hot (because he IS hot :) ) and nothing that is too dressy. He's just not dressy people. All of these criteria combined with my expanding sillhoutte means Dave's clothes have been disappearing from his side of the closet and making their way over to my floor (because I don't hang clothes up). It's driving him a little nuts, but he'd rather me be comfy in his clothes than complain in mine :) Currently, I'm wearing a pair of fleece pants of his (that he deemed "too warm" and I saved from the return pile) and a fleece shirt of his that I mentioned on Sunday. Beautiful.

2. Beef and Milk. Together. - This baby is very opinionated and it's digging on lots of milk and lots of beef. Steak, hamburger, bar-b-que, doesn't matter. I just need beef. One night I ate a giant steak for dinner, a beefeater from Jason's Deli for lunch the next day, and then Hibachi steak for dinner that night and a steak for dinner the following night. Tonight I had a chipotle burrito (steak, rice and just a dash of cheese) and 24 oz of milk and I'm thinking that I'm going to get up and get another glass in just a minute.

3. Friends - Dave and I are in a Friends series binge right now. We've watched all of season two, and are currently on disk four of season three and will probably get to season four tonight. We've got all of the ten seasons and it's our favorite show of all time and easily the one we quote the most in daily conversations. We know that we are destined to be friends with people when they quote Friends in a conversation first.

4. - You may mock all you want, but I love the Fly Lady. Her cleaning/organizing system may seem a bit much, it may even BE a bit much, but nothing gets me out of the house cleaning duldrums like a little pep talk from The Fly Lady. "You Can Do Anything In 15 Minutes" "You Aren't Behind, Just Jump In Where You're At" "Are You Living In CHAOS - Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome" (And for the record, yes I am.) All of her little saying help me jump in when I've let things go too far. I'm pretty much a born organized person (or, as Fly Lady calls us "BO's") and I usually don't need much help on the cleaning and organizing. However, upon hitting my wall in this pregnancy, I let the house and general maintenance get to unyielding levels of conquest, and I needed a nice little boost to get me out of my slump and into my shoes. Fly Lady did this with her clean sink rule and bedtime routines. If you are in a slump, you totally need to go here. Oh, and if you sign up for her mailing list, be prepared for a deluge of emails. I don't bother with the list, I just use the website.

5. Pringles. Cheryl, you will be pleased to note that this particular craving is back and that the day after Christmas I ate an entire can in 30 minutes.

Well, that's it. My favorite things this week. I think that maybe I will keep this up, it is indeed rather fun. See you tomorrow for New Year's Resolutions - bring yours, we'll make it a party!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Into The Stride

So, it's really hard to get back into a writing stride after taking such a long break. At first, every time anything happened I immediately went over to my computer and started to mentally write a post about it. Then, I started to just call people on the phone instead and verbally blog....I guess that's just called talking. Although, frankly, a lot of my friends/family are used to me just talking at them so it probably is more like blogging. New Years Resolution - Talk at less, listen more.

Anyways, now that I'm out of the habit of racing to the computer to document every thing that happens in my life, it's hard to remember to do it. Lots of funny things have happened lately, many comedic episodes have ensued. For instance, there was a lovely incident at a family dinner on Friday where we walked into Dave's Aunt's house to find his very frantic cousin (who lives in California) trying to make dinner for about 20 people, half of whom she didn't know where they were or when they were coming, having only a frozen lasagna that was supposed to cook in one hour but was approaching two and she didn't know where to call to just get some pizza delivered.

Like I said, lots of funny stuff, but it loses something in the translation when I don't get it typed up right away.

There was also all the funny things that the kids have said that I've now forgotten. Tot said something about being tired and grumpy and about milk hitting the spot that was super funny in context but not at all funny related after the fact. Little David has been repeating lots of things we say to him that leave Dave and I rolling, but again, without me racing to the computer it doesn't make good blog fodder.

All that to say, I may limp along in content over the next couple of weeks, but I'll get there eventually. Don't take me off your blog lines, yet :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

We Call This Good (Sun)Day.

Today is a good day, friends. Why? I'll tell you why:

~ Great time at church today. Good friends, Good worship, Good message, Good Lord.

~ I got to wear a really cute sweater. It was green and soft and I love it.

~ I came home to a present I had given myself earlier - a clean kitchen. Nothing like walking in the door to a clean room.

~ I didn't even have to hem and haw over lunch, I had a lasagna ready to be popped in the oven and Dave took Tot to Target and picked up some crusty bread and some chocolate for me.

~ Everyone cleaned their plates, the kids even cleaned the new plates they got for Christmas. It is a rare dinner that we all eat everything served.

~ Tot pointed out to me that we had all four food groups at lunch. She recently learned about food groups and is very insistent that all of them are represented at each meal. She even said "And we can have candy in very small amounts".

~ The Cowboys play today

~ I have on a crazy comfy fleece shirt Dave has had for at least 6 years now, and I've never worn it before. He was smart to keep it a secret because this sucker is mine now.

~ I just folded a load of laundry (for the first time in a shamefully long period) and I am about to fold another one. Babysteps, folks.

~ We get to have hamburgers tonight with Dave's family. Score for Kristen not having to cook dinner :)

~ Little David went down for a nap easy and Tot is playing quietly in the play room. That means I have a good two hours to put around and alternately straighten up the house and rest. Score, again. :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Notes From The Christmas Trenches

Unsinkable here.

It's 11:38 pm and I am wrapping presents. Due to my usual organized and freakishly planner-heavy personality, I have never in my life wrapped Christmas presents so late in the game. I'm the person that has them all wrapped two weeks in advance and sits back and wonders how in the world people can wait so late to do some thing so easy. How the mighty have fallen :)

Currently, Dave is asleep on the lazy boy, I've got Friends in the DVD player, and I just finished my Hibachi leftovers (SOOOO good by the way). I have wrapped all my in-laws presents and am now taking a break because my fingers are starting to freeze up from trying cut the wrapping paper in one smooth cut the way my mom always does and curl ribbon the way Buddy the Elf does. Oh the standards I try to live up to.

Anyways, I'm thinking that my break will include a tiny snack (Christmas tree brownie? Ice Cream cookie? Pizza Rolls? Heart Burn? ) and some ginger ale and then I will start wrapping the kids presents. I have never been more glad than tonight that we only got the kids a handful of presents. I don't think I could wrap any more than I have to. I've reached a wrapping wall.

Okay, I think that I'm starting to ramble. Tomorrow is my 1st ultrasound and Dave and I going in at 9am. We'll get to see little Phoebe or Phoebo swim around and hopefully wave a little. I'm also thinking that after my night of Hibachi and Sushi (no worries - I only ate a steamed California roll) and my late night wrapping snacks, that I will probably have gained back all that weight I lost by barfing for a month. Good times :)

Okay, back to the wrapping. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

Tot Speak: Awkward Edition

First of all, some background. Awhile ago I got a book from the library that had pictures of babies in utero from conception to birth. It had the most incredible photographs and I thought Tot would really like seeing what a baby really looks like inside. So, we went through the book and it made her super excited to meet our baby.

Looking at a picture of conception, where the little sperm are trying to get to the egg, I'm trying to flip past fast to avoid any "Where do babies come from?" moments. Alas.

Tot: Mommy, what is that?
UK: Well, pieces of Mommy and pieces of Daddy come together to make a baby.
Tot: Oh.

(I thought that was pretty ingenious and perfectly vague. She never asked about it again and we moved to the cute pictures of babies with flippers for hands. )

Fast forward to this morning

Tot: Daddy, look!

(Tot is holding the book "My Boys Can Swim: A Guy's Guide To Pregnancy" that Dave got four years ago and that has a giant egg on the front with sperm swimming in.)

Dave: What, honey?
Tot: A book about your pieces!
Dave: (actually blushing) I'm sorry, what?
Tot: Look, it's a book about your pieces!
Dave: How about I take that book now?
Tot: No! I want to learn about your pieces!
Dave: No, thanks.
Tot: When can I learn about your pieces?
Dave: Never. Go watch tv.

I'm not sure Dave will ever get over that exchange.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Breakfast. (Get it? Break. Fast. Hahaha. )

So, wow. I actually didn't blog for TWO WHOLE WEEKS. It was nuts. I did get online some, check my email, and updated Facebook a little, but other than that I was relatively quiet on the whole internet front. It's been a FULL and LONG two weeks and rather than try to write a profound post all at once, I'll dip my toes in slowly with a list.

I know, shocking.

1. The Wednesday after I started my internet fast I absolutely dropped dead from exhaustion. Between the freakishly horrible "morning" sickness, dropping weight, the kids going nuts from being inside so much (because I was too tired to do anything with them), Dave being out of town more than expected, and the general wear and tear most people go through at this holiday season trying to get everything done, I just ran out of steam. Mom came and picked me and the kids up and took us to her house where she let me rest and get my head on straight and took care of the kids in the mean time. God Bless Moms. Dave met us there and we stayed until the following Sunday, by which time I felt okay enough to go home and Mom needed to sleep. My kids are tiring :) Since then, I've gotten on medicine for the morning sickness (Thank You Lord), Dave is home for two weeks (Thank You Lord), and I've taken a lot off my To Do List so that I can work on not wearing myself out again. Half the problem is being behind the ball and not feeling like you can ever get ahead, especially being so tired. I'm grateful for a helpful Mom and Dave who got me to the point where I feel like I can grab the reigns again. Thought of something great while I was at Mom's, Unsinkable doesn't mean you never go under the water, it means that you bob back up. I'm bobbing up right now.

Wow. That was a long paragraph. And I use the word paragraph loosely. Also, that means I didn't do ANY of those super cool things I talked about doing. I slept. :)

2. I told Little David the other day "I love you, toots" and he says "I love you too, toots Mama". I could just eat that kid up.

3. Back to the first point - One of the things I'm cutting back on is Christmas. No, I'm not going all John Grisham and skipping Christmas, but I have severely cut back on what I normally do. The Chapman's aren't sending out cards this year, aren't doing massive baking sessions (in fact I am bringing NO FOOD to Christmas dinner this time), skipped out on the rest of our Jesse Tree devotions, didn't do the giant parade of lights at Interlochen, haven't even attempted to do any crafts, didn't homemake any gifts, and I'm not even wearing any Christmas socks. I know. "You say "What are you doing, then Scrooge?" We drove around our neighborhood looking at lights and we are making Sugar cookies tomorrow.

And that's it.

We have watched some Christmas movies, and have listened to Christmas songs on the radio, but I've basically called quits on anything that required much effort. And you know what? I'm totally not stressed about Christmas. I've got my gifts that I'm going to wrap when the kids go to bed tomorrow night, and then I'm done. Good times. Also, another long paragraph. But whatever, what did you expect after two weeks of silence???

4. It's time to buy my Pregnancy Yoga Pants. So far, each pregnancy (all two of them) have had their own yoga pants. I got my first pair when I was pregnant with the Tot and wore them almost every single day. I still have them and they are really...loved looking now. I got my second pair when I was pregnant with Little David and I was trying to look a little more stylish than I had in my first pregnancy. These were much cuter, but since I was also significantly larger pre-pregnancy than I was with Tot, they are also VERY stretched out and also loved looking. So, this time I pulled out my two pairs of yoga pants and had a conundrum: Pair Number One fit better, but are significantly more dingy looking. They are also a little short on me and make my ankles cold. Pair Number Two are nicer looking, but I can't wear them out of the house because they will fall to my ankles. Apparently I haven't gotten my Pregnancy Butt yet. So, I decided that it was time to get a new pair. After all, this baby is going to have so much hand me down stuff, the least I can do is get it it's own pair of Yoga Pants.

5. Two weeks ago I ate four Wendy's 99 cent Bacon Double Cheeseburgers in one 24 hour period.

6. One week ago I ate an entire full sized bag of Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream potato chips in an hour.

7. I am still weighing less than I did at my Doctors appointment three weeks ago. Laws, I love pregnancy. Well, now that I've stopped throwing up I do.

8. However, I am less than pleased with my extra greasy hair and broken out skin. Going through puberty once was plenty, thankyouverymuch. I would like my glow now. Anytime.

9. On yet another pregnancy note, I go in for my first ultrasound this Wednesday. I'm totally geeked and can't wait to see this little person. Also, I'm totally nervous that the doctor will tell me I'm miraculously having triplets. No really, I've actually been dreaming about going in and seeing eight babies on the screen. I will feel such great relief when we see only one little person and not twelve (Speaking of, can you even IMAGINE twelve babies?? Laws.)

10. I went to Target today and found York Peppermint Patty BAKING CHIPS. I know!!!! Can you imagine the utter deliciousness?? Tiny peppermint chippies inside some yummy cookies. Yum. Maybe my moratorium on baking will be lifted. One has to be flexible after all.

Okay, I think that's all I got. I think I'm going to go down a couple of those Christmas Tree cake-y things. And maybe a vitamin. Hmmm...and maybe some pizza rolls. I don't think I'm going to stay the same weight too much longer. :)

But enough about me. What have you been up to?

Monday, December 08, 2008

Internet Fast.

If you are coming over here from Sarah Mae's blog, do forgive my impeccable timing of taking a break right as she told you to visit me! I'm a total dweeb and forgot that she was featuring me. Ugh. Anyways, have a peeksie through my archives and I hope you wait for my return! Although, I totally understand if you don't. I mean, it's not like you know me. For all you know, I could really suck at this.

So, it's that time again. You know, the break time. The time where I tell you all that I need a little bit of space from the blog. It's not about needing space from you, more that once again I have realized that my priorities are a little out of whack and that it probably isn't healthy, productive, or Godly to spend hoards of time at my computer while my children are dirty, hungry and crying.

Well, maybe it isn't that dramatic, but you get me.

Once again, I have hit the point where I've been using the internet as a crutch. This time it's not so much in escapism as much as I have realized that there are a freaking TON of awesome blogs out there and homeschool resources. I mean, seriously. Have you ever visited Preschoolers And Peace ? It's incredible. Have you ever browsed Blissfully Domestic? Good grief, I could spend a year there. And while you are there, take a look at their blog rolls. For the love of Pete I could spend my lifetime going through all the neat things and great ideas and inspirational stories that people blog about.

And that, my friends, is why I need a break.

After awhile, I realized that I have been spending a buttzillion hours reading about fantastic things and not doing any of them! It's like trying to read every Works For Me Wednesday post at Rocks In My Dryer. You know it's all awesome, and you know there is just not enough time in the world.

So, in response, I will not be blogging until December 22.

But why? Why, Unsinkable, would you remove your very presence from our lives?? We NEED YOU!

Oh wait. That was me projecting. My bad.

I'm going to take a break from the internet so that I can breathe for a second and do some of those things that I've been thinking would be awesome. Like an embroidery project, some lapbooks with the Tot, a little nature walk or two, and maybe even a new recipe. I know that I'm only going to be out of pocket for about two weeks, but I'm hoping that at the end of that time I will have answered the following questions for myself:

What priority should my computer time take? Is it something that needs to be taken care of the first thing in the morning? Or can it be a treat at the end of the day when the kids are asleep?

Can I be trusted to check my email at naptime, or will I cave and spend the rest of the afternoon looking at different ways to spray paint furniture while I let the kids watch too much tv?

What needs to be done around the house before I "hop online for a second"?

And finally, where is the balance between reading & learning about great ideas and actually doing them? It's not enough to just know about things, at least for me it's not. I want to say that not only did I read that totally rad post about sprouting microgreens, but that I tried it, too.

So, there you have it. My four-fold plan for figuring out how to balance my actual life and my internet perusing. I will be doing a lot of praying about this and I hope to be back and more Unsinkable than ever on December 22. Ta ta, my good fellows and have a wonderful fortnight!

Author's Note: Did you see what I did here? I totally slipped you all a buttzillion blogs to look at while you mourn my presence in your blog feeder. I know, brilliant.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Thankful Thursday

1. I am thankful for my morning sickness, because it means I'm pregnant. After all, who doesn't like a good dry heave?

2. I am thankful that Dave will be home tonight and that I can heave in peace.

3. I am thankful that the kids are content to watch a ton of tv and eat questionably healthy food.

4. I am thankful that Tot understands I don't feel good, even if she told a woman in Target to stay away from me because I had yucky baby germs.

5. I am thankful that it's windy and cold outside and we've got a cozy, warm house to be in. I think I see a fire and some hot cocoa in my future.

6. I am thankful that my first Doctors appointment is tomorrow and that we'll get to hear the heartbeat!! That is easily one of the coolest things ever.

7. I am thankful that Dave and I got our Christmas shopping done last week and that we've got some pretty cool presents that the kids will LOVE. Tot is getting a scooter from Santa (apparently, the bike we got her for her birthday is a little big and she can't ride it quite yet) and Little David is getting a big wheel. They are going to DIE. :)

8. I am thankful that Chick Fil A doesn't make me sick. I would literally die if that were the case. Okay, so I would figuratively die, but whatever. It would be bad.

9. I am thankful for my house shoes from Old Navy. They are cute. They were cheap. And they are already really dirty. I'm hard on house shoes.

10. I am thankful that life is going pretty great right now: I'm pregnant, the kids are healthy and happy, Dave is way cute, it's almost Christmas, and I've got roomy pants on. Good times.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Pregnancy Update: Don't Worry, I Won't Yammer On About This Every Day.

Obviously, the whole being pregnant thing is a pretty big deal for me. I've wanted this for a long time and now that I finally am, I am THRILLED. I am also completely astounded at how fast my body remembers what it's supposed to be doing, and how big of an effect pregnancy has on me. These little things just keep popping up and I go "Oh yeah, I do that when I'm pregnant" or "Oh wow, didn't that that would happen so fast". Oh, and I swear I won't talk about this every single day. Really. I'll try to contain myself to one information dump a week.

Point #1: I am already in maternity clothes.

I know! I'm not even six weeks yet! It seems totally ridiculous and slightly over dramatic (which we all know I have a tendency to be) but I swear up and down that my stomach is too big for my clothes. Since the baby is still barely the size of a coffee bean, it's just bloating (such a romantic term), but it's enough that my pants don't fit and I had to move into my nice and stretch maternity pants. Luckily, I can still wear most of my shirts, so at least I'm not freakishly huge yet. Also, the wonderful ladies at my church all told me how fast they started showing with their second and third children and it made me feel much more normal. Well, in that regard anyways.

Point #2: Last night I cried at a fluff piece on the news.

I am literally breaking down and crying at the most ludicrous of things. Also one of those things I forgot, when pregnant I cry at everything. If it is remotely sentimental or sweet, I'm a goner. I teared up hearing a news segment on a guy who drove around looking for people with broken cars to help, just because some one had helped him years ago, and I broke down absolutely sobbing while watching Adam Sandler in Click. I know. Dave just looks over at me and says "Seriously?" and then lets me ball on his chest for however long. He's a good man.

Point #3: I'm throwing up.

This requires little explanation, but I had hoped that since I wasn't sick at all with Tot that I would somehow miss this little gem. It has me thinking that maybe it's a boy, but since we aren't finding out the gender, I guess I have a while to keep on guessing.

Point #4: I'm exhausted.

Now before you call me out for having that stinky attitude I was talking about yesterday, I'm not complaining - seriously. I'm just saying, Wow. I don't remember being so tired, so soon, and not being able to carry anyone for any amount of time. My energy is just at record low. I try to tell myself that it's because I am making a person, but when you are normally a pretty high energy gal, it can be irritating. On the plus side, it makes napping that much more rational. And I'm a fan of rational naps.

So there you go, that's the update on The Unsinkable Baby. I promise not to inundate you with so much baby talk that you go nuts, I'll try to keep it at a reasonable limit :) Ta!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Motivate Me Monday: Suck It Up, Weenie Girl.

Oh today friends, I am the one that needs to be motivated! My pregnant self is exhausted from chasing after my older two children and from doing all the holiday things and the Christmas decorating and the cleaning and the blah blah blah. How about I change my attitude?

Good MORNING dear readers!! What a FABULOUS day it is. I have not a wink of tiredness and I am ready to face the day with rings on my fingers and bells on my toes!

Well, maybe that was an exaggeration. But really, if I have learned anything from my time with God this week (which, I have to be honest, hasn't always been at 6am sharp. Sometimes it's 7am sharp :) ), is that attitude is everything. Too often, I find myself letting my feelings be my guide. I feel tired, so I act tired. I feel irritated, so I act irritated. And we all know that when we act like junk, we feel like junk even more. Our actions influence how our homes are run (whether in joy or in survival), the health of our marriages, and the quality of our parenting and our friendships. And right now, my attitude is stinky.

I could make a large list for you on why I feel like I deserve to have a bad attitude (mostly centering around being pregnant and chasing after two children that DON'T SLEEP) but that would defeat the purpose of this Motivating post. Because here, here are the gems you've been waiting for.

1. What God Has Taught My Stubborn Self: Suck It Up, Weenie Girl. Yep, that's what He taught me this week. There is a difference between working through your problems and dwelling on them. And this week, I have leaned heavily on the dwelling side.

"Oh, my clothes don't fit - what am I going to do?? It's not like I don't have a huge bucket of maternity clothes that are way more comfy anyways."

"Oh, I'm SO tired, it's not like I could go to bed earlier and take a nap when the kids do."

Wah Wah Wah. God has showed me this week that I've been being a weenie. Me, personally = total weenie. I've been wallowing in my tiredness and instead of being proactive in resting and praying to God about how best to handle my responsibilities, I've been whining about it to whoever will listen (The sigh you hear is from Dave, my Mom, and all my friends who are tired of hearing me talk about myself). And God has let me see that I need to Suck It Up, Weenie Girl. Instead of letting my attitude be my guide, I need to be choosing to live with joy. Choosing to be joyful that I'm pregnant, and talk about that instead of talking about how tired I am. Choosing to be joyful and talking about having kids that want to be with me, instead of talking about how they won't sleep in their own beds. Choosing to be grateful and happy that my husband has a job in this recession, instead of whining about his traveling schedule.

Yep, this week the Weenie Girl is going to learn her lesson and Suck It Up and be full of Joy. The blessings I have are too many to count. I won't repay the Lord with whining.

2. Tips, Tricks and Doozer Sticks: Since God taught my stubborn self to Suck It Up this last week, the tip I will share will be about how to do that. It's not easy, and I certainly don't have it down yet (Obviously, or I wouldn't have just told you that God is whipping my tail about my attitude) , but I don't think that God would tell us not to worry without us being able to do that.

I would say that the biggest step you can take would be starting off your day choosing to have a good attitude. Telling yourself that whenever someone asks how you are, you are going to say "Great!" and then say one reason why - you aren't going to go on a tirade about your troubles. My biggest problem is that I get into an attitude funk where I think that because of whatever problem I currently have, I somehow deserve to be irritated and show it. I deserve to be tired and grumpy and short tempered and then I decide that I should also be honest with everyone I meet and tell them exactly how bad I feel. What a downer. When you start grumbling, remind yourself that it's not about deserving to be upset and it's not about whether or not you have a good reason. The whole point is that God expects us to be joyful and grateful under any circumstance, especially those that aren't that bad to begin with.

And so this week your very own Unsinkable will be working on her attitude. Praying for grace under fire and joy in the journey, no matter how tired I am :)

What are you going to be praying about this week?