Monday, December 22, 2008

Breakfast. (Get it? Break. Fast. Hahaha. )

So, wow. I actually didn't blog for TWO WHOLE WEEKS. It was nuts. I did get online some, check my email, and updated Facebook a little, but other than that I was relatively quiet on the whole internet front. It's been a FULL and LONG two weeks and rather than try to write a profound post all at once, I'll dip my toes in slowly with a list.

I know, shocking.

1. The Wednesday after I started my internet fast I absolutely dropped dead from exhaustion. Between the freakishly horrible "morning" sickness, dropping weight, the kids going nuts from being inside so much (because I was too tired to do anything with them), Dave being out of town more than expected, and the general wear and tear most people go through at this holiday season trying to get everything done, I just ran out of steam. Mom came and picked me and the kids up and took us to her house where she let me rest and get my head on straight and took care of the kids in the mean time. God Bless Moms. Dave met us there and we stayed until the following Sunday, by which time I felt okay enough to go home and Mom needed to sleep. My kids are tiring :) Since then, I've gotten on medicine for the morning sickness (Thank You Lord), Dave is home for two weeks (Thank You Lord), and I've taken a lot off my To Do List so that I can work on not wearing myself out again. Half the problem is being behind the ball and not feeling like you can ever get ahead, especially being so tired. I'm grateful for a helpful Mom and Dave who got me to the point where I feel like I can grab the reigns again. Thought of something great while I was at Mom's, Unsinkable doesn't mean you never go under the water, it means that you bob back up. I'm bobbing up right now.

Wow. That was a long paragraph. And I use the word paragraph loosely. Also, that means I didn't do ANY of those super cool things I talked about doing. I slept. :)

2. I told Little David the other day "I love you, toots" and he says "I love you too, toots Mama". I could just eat that kid up.

3. Back to the first point - One of the things I'm cutting back on is Christmas. No, I'm not going all John Grisham and skipping Christmas, but I have severely cut back on what I normally do. The Chapman's aren't sending out cards this year, aren't doing massive baking sessions (in fact I am bringing NO FOOD to Christmas dinner this time), skipped out on the rest of our Jesse Tree devotions, didn't do the giant parade of lights at Interlochen, haven't even attempted to do any crafts, didn't homemake any gifts, and I'm not even wearing any Christmas socks. I know. "You say "What are you doing, then Scrooge?" We drove around our neighborhood looking at lights and we are making Sugar cookies tomorrow.

And that's it.

We have watched some Christmas movies, and have listened to Christmas songs on the radio, but I've basically called quits on anything that required much effort. And you know what? I'm totally not stressed about Christmas. I've got my gifts that I'm going to wrap when the kids go to bed tomorrow night, and then I'm done. Good times. Also, another long paragraph. But whatever, what did you expect after two weeks of silence???

4. It's time to buy my Pregnancy Yoga Pants. So far, each pregnancy (all two of them) have had their own yoga pants. I got my first pair when I was pregnant with the Tot and wore them almost every single day. I still have them and they are really...loved looking now. I got my second pair when I was pregnant with Little David and I was trying to look a little more stylish than I had in my first pregnancy. These were much cuter, but since I was also significantly larger pre-pregnancy than I was with Tot, they are also VERY stretched out and also loved looking. So, this time I pulled out my two pairs of yoga pants and had a conundrum: Pair Number One fit better, but are significantly more dingy looking. They are also a little short on me and make my ankles cold. Pair Number Two are nicer looking, but I can't wear them out of the house because they will fall to my ankles. Apparently I haven't gotten my Pregnancy Butt yet. So, I decided that it was time to get a new pair. After all, this baby is going to have so much hand me down stuff, the least I can do is get it it's own pair of Yoga Pants.

5. Two weeks ago I ate four Wendy's 99 cent Bacon Double Cheeseburgers in one 24 hour period.

6. One week ago I ate an entire full sized bag of Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream potato chips in an hour.

7. I am still weighing less than I did at my Doctors appointment three weeks ago. Laws, I love pregnancy. Well, now that I've stopped throwing up I do.

8. However, I am less than pleased with my extra greasy hair and broken out skin. Going through puberty once was plenty, thankyouverymuch. I would like my glow now. Anytime.

9. On yet another pregnancy note, I go in for my first ultrasound this Wednesday. I'm totally geeked and can't wait to see this little person. Also, I'm totally nervous that the doctor will tell me I'm miraculously having triplets. No really, I've actually been dreaming about going in and seeing eight babies on the screen. I will feel such great relief when we see only one little person and not twelve (Speaking of, can you even IMAGINE twelve babies?? Laws.)

10. I went to Target today and found York Peppermint Patty BAKING CHIPS. I know!!!! Can you imagine the utter deliciousness?? Tiny peppermint chippies inside some yummy cookies. Yum. Maybe my moratorium on baking will be lifted. One has to be flexible after all.

Okay, I think that's all I got. I think I'm going to go down a couple of those Christmas Tree cake-y things. And maybe a vitamin. Hmmm...and maybe some pizza rolls. I don't think I'm going to stay the same weight too much longer. :)

But enough about me. What have you been up to?


Tiffany said...

Glad to see you back and unsinkably feeling better. I hope you all have a wonderful low-key holiday!

Beth said...

I"m glad you're back!!!!
I'm also glad you are now able to eat.
I'm sooooo not there yet!
However, I keep gaining weight and eating very little! My backside is growing bigger than my front. I think this baby is turned around....
Welcome Back!
And Merry Christmas!

Nicole McIntyre said...

Glad you're back! The blog world missed you!

Here's to happy medicine that doesn't make you hurl!!!

Eat some Christmas Tree cakes for me!

becky said...

hmmm...with the cheeseburger thing, i was gonna say boy. but with the grease hair and break outs, i'm thinking girl. so maybe twins?? lol!

The Garrett's said...

I'm glad you're back and trying to take it easy this Christmas! :)