Monday, December 29, 2008

Into The Stride

So, it's really hard to get back into a writing stride after taking such a long break. At first, every time anything happened I immediately went over to my computer and started to mentally write a post about it. Then, I started to just call people on the phone instead and verbally blog....I guess that's just called talking. Although, frankly, a lot of my friends/family are used to me just talking at them so it probably is more like blogging. New Years Resolution - Talk at less, listen more.

Anyways, now that I'm out of the habit of racing to the computer to document every thing that happens in my life, it's hard to remember to do it. Lots of funny things have happened lately, many comedic episodes have ensued. For instance, there was a lovely incident at a family dinner on Friday where we walked into Dave's Aunt's house to find his very frantic cousin (who lives in California) trying to make dinner for about 20 people, half of whom she didn't know where they were or when they were coming, having only a frozen lasagna that was supposed to cook in one hour but was approaching two and she didn't know where to call to just get some pizza delivered.

Like I said, lots of funny stuff, but it loses something in the translation when I don't get it typed up right away.

There was also all the funny things that the kids have said that I've now forgotten. Tot said something about being tired and grumpy and about milk hitting the spot that was super funny in context but not at all funny related after the fact. Little David has been repeating lots of things we say to him that leave Dave and I rolling, but again, without me racing to the computer it doesn't make good blog fodder.

All that to say, I may limp along in content over the next couple of weeks, but I'll get there eventually. Don't take me off your blog lines, yet :)

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