Monday, December 01, 2008

Motivate Me Monday: Suck It Up, Weenie Girl.

Oh today friends, I am the one that needs to be motivated! My pregnant self is exhausted from chasing after my older two children and from doing all the holiday things and the Christmas decorating and the cleaning and the blah blah blah. How about I change my attitude?

Good MORNING dear readers!! What a FABULOUS day it is. I have not a wink of tiredness and I am ready to face the day with rings on my fingers and bells on my toes!

Well, maybe that was an exaggeration. But really, if I have learned anything from my time with God this week (which, I have to be honest, hasn't always been at 6am sharp. Sometimes it's 7am sharp :) ), is that attitude is everything. Too often, I find myself letting my feelings be my guide. I feel tired, so I act tired. I feel irritated, so I act irritated. And we all know that when we act like junk, we feel like junk even more. Our actions influence how our homes are run (whether in joy or in survival), the health of our marriages, and the quality of our parenting and our friendships. And right now, my attitude is stinky.

I could make a large list for you on why I feel like I deserve to have a bad attitude (mostly centering around being pregnant and chasing after two children that DON'T SLEEP) but that would defeat the purpose of this Motivating post. Because here, here are the gems you've been waiting for.

1. What God Has Taught My Stubborn Self: Suck It Up, Weenie Girl. Yep, that's what He taught me this week. There is a difference between working through your problems and dwelling on them. And this week, I have leaned heavily on the dwelling side.

"Oh, my clothes don't fit - what am I going to do?? It's not like I don't have a huge bucket of maternity clothes that are way more comfy anyways."

"Oh, I'm SO tired, it's not like I could go to bed earlier and take a nap when the kids do."

Wah Wah Wah. God has showed me this week that I've been being a weenie. Me, personally = total weenie. I've been wallowing in my tiredness and instead of being proactive in resting and praying to God about how best to handle my responsibilities, I've been whining about it to whoever will listen (The sigh you hear is from Dave, my Mom, and all my friends who are tired of hearing me talk about myself). And God has let me see that I need to Suck It Up, Weenie Girl. Instead of letting my attitude be my guide, I need to be choosing to live with joy. Choosing to be joyful that I'm pregnant, and talk about that instead of talking about how tired I am. Choosing to be joyful and talking about having kids that want to be with me, instead of talking about how they won't sleep in their own beds. Choosing to be grateful and happy that my husband has a job in this recession, instead of whining about his traveling schedule.

Yep, this week the Weenie Girl is going to learn her lesson and Suck It Up and be full of Joy. The blessings I have are too many to count. I won't repay the Lord with whining.

2. Tips, Tricks and Doozer Sticks: Since God taught my stubborn self to Suck It Up this last week, the tip I will share will be about how to do that. It's not easy, and I certainly don't have it down yet (Obviously, or I wouldn't have just told you that God is whipping my tail about my attitude) , but I don't think that God would tell us not to worry without us being able to do that.

I would say that the biggest step you can take would be starting off your day choosing to have a good attitude. Telling yourself that whenever someone asks how you are, you are going to say "Great!" and then say one reason why - you aren't going to go on a tirade about your troubles. My biggest problem is that I get into an attitude funk where I think that because of whatever problem I currently have, I somehow deserve to be irritated and show it. I deserve to be tired and grumpy and short tempered and then I decide that I should also be honest with everyone I meet and tell them exactly how bad I feel. What a downer. When you start grumbling, remind yourself that it's not about deserving to be upset and it's not about whether or not you have a good reason. The whole point is that God expects us to be joyful and grateful under any circumstance, especially those that aren't that bad to begin with.

And so this week your very own Unsinkable will be working on her attitude. Praying for grace under fire and joy in the journey, no matter how tired I am :)

What are you going to be praying about this week?


Sarah Mae said...

Aside from the fact that you make me laugh out loud and I would love to have a total girl night/hang out fest with you because I imagine it would be SO MUCH FUN, your post was really inspiring.

"Too often, I find myself letting my feelings be my guide. I feel tired, so I act tired. I feel irritated, so I act irritated."

Um, yea, I do this ALL THE TIME! Great tips on how to handle it...too bad we won't be perfect until heaven! At least we can strive for excellence and fall into grace!

Dana said...

i needed that "suck it up" reminder, thanks for sharing! :)

janellybelly said...

TRUE DAT SISTA!!! I agree..a girls night would be a blast!!!!

Beth said...

I needed that today as well as in the weeks to come as I prepare for Christmas!
Remember, after all, YOU ARE The UNSINKABLE!

Unsinkable Kristen said...

Dang skippy, I am! I need to just chant that whenever I start to whine :)

Hope said...

The part that Sarah Mae quoted was the one that stuck out for me too! How many days lately have I felt irritated and acted irritated? Too many, I admit. Thanks for the reminder and challenge to choose joy each and every day regardless of circumstance!

Gayle said...

Love, love, love your blog and how honest you are. You crack me up! I have the same attitude problem. I feel very justified most of the time to "feel" the way I do. My mouth gets me into a lot of trouble! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I will choose to be nice... even when I want to be snotty! =) Have a blessed week. Enjoy a nap!