Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Notes From The Christmas Trenches

Unsinkable here.

It's 11:38 pm and I am wrapping presents. Due to my usual organized and freakishly planner-heavy personality, I have never in my life wrapped Christmas presents so late in the game. I'm the person that has them all wrapped two weeks in advance and sits back and wonders how in the world people can wait so late to do some thing so easy. How the mighty have fallen :)

Currently, Dave is asleep on the lazy boy, I've got Friends in the DVD player, and I just finished my Hibachi leftovers (SOOOO good by the way). I have wrapped all my in-laws presents and am now taking a break because my fingers are starting to freeze up from trying cut the wrapping paper in one smooth cut the way my mom always does and curl ribbon the way Buddy the Elf does. Oh the standards I try to live up to.

Anyways, I'm thinking that my break will include a tiny snack (Christmas tree brownie? Ice Cream cookie? Pizza Rolls? Heart Burn? ) and some ginger ale and then I will start wrapping the kids presents. I have never been more glad than tonight that we only got the kids a handful of presents. I don't think I could wrap any more than I have to. I've reached a wrapping wall.

Okay, I think that I'm starting to ramble. Tomorrow is my 1st ultrasound and Dave and I going in at 9am. We'll get to see little Phoebe or Phoebo swim around and hopefully wave a little. I'm also thinking that after my night of Hibachi and Sushi (no worries - I only ate a steamed California roll) and my late night wrapping snacks, that I will probably have gained back all that weight I lost by barfing for a month. Good times :)

Okay, back to the wrapping. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

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