Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tot Speak: Awkward Edition

First of all, some background. Awhile ago I got a book from the library that had pictures of babies in utero from conception to birth. It had the most incredible photographs and I thought Tot would really like seeing what a baby really looks like inside. So, we went through the book and it made her super excited to meet our baby.

Looking at a picture of conception, where the little sperm are trying to get to the egg, I'm trying to flip past fast to avoid any "Where do babies come from?" moments. Alas.

Tot: Mommy, what is that?
UK: Well, pieces of Mommy and pieces of Daddy come together to make a baby.
Tot: Oh.

(I thought that was pretty ingenious and perfectly vague. She never asked about it again and we moved to the cute pictures of babies with flippers for hands. )

Fast forward to this morning

Tot: Daddy, look!

(Tot is holding the book "My Boys Can Swim: A Guy's Guide To Pregnancy" that Dave got four years ago and that has a giant egg on the front with sperm swimming in.)

Dave: What, honey?
Tot: A book about your pieces!
Dave: (actually blushing) I'm sorry, what?
Tot: Look, it's a book about your pieces!
Dave: How about I take that book now?
Tot: No! I want to learn about your pieces!
Dave: No, thanks.
Tot: When can I learn about your pieces?
Dave: Never. Go watch tv.

I'm not sure Dave will ever get over that exchange.


MamaHenClucks said...

Oh my goodness! Thanks for the laugh this morning! I love how sweetly innocent the question was yet how perfectly embarassing it was!

Sarah said...

I seriously cannot stop laughing!!!

Cynthia said...

I love it!!!! I'm glad to see that Dave can be embarrassed by something. :)

Linda said...

FALLING out of my chair rofl!!!

Luke said...



That is unbelievably hilarious!

I love how your "ingenious and perfectly vague" explanation became a major source of double entendre and embarrassment.



Tiffany said...

Luke just said exactly what I was thinking.

You thought you'd escaped with your pithy little answer. Little did you know...

Nicole McIntyre said...

Oh. My. Goodness.

Donielle @ Naturally Knocked Up said...

That is flippin hilarious!!