Friday, January 30, 2009

Fetus Friday!

Hello again fabulous Reader Friends! I'm coming to you with a head cold, a slight cough, a lack of sleep, and a completely awesome Starbucks Java Chip Frappachino - which means that regardless of my ailments I'm feeling GREAT. Love me some Starbucks.

And now.....for all your prenatal needs...Fetus Friday!!

Week: Fourteen

Weight Gain: 0 - 2 pounds. If I eat a good dinner, then I have gained two pounds. But if I eat a normal dinner then I still haven't gained any weight. I'm trying to eat well each day, but frankly I'm just not that hungry that often. I still don't want to eat anything sweet (except for this wicked good Frappachino I'm drinking right now) and I haven't had any coke products (with the exception of an occasional Sprite) in almost two months. You all know my proclivity towards DDP, so this is killing me. But I won't say I'm not enjoying still wearing non-maternity shirts.

Aches & Pains: Still sick when I don't take my medicine regularly, but again, I'm getting better on the whole. It's much better when I have eaten a good meal for dinner and don't wake up starving. If I wake up to hungry, I'm done for. And this isn't an actual pain, but it is a total pain in my butt - I am going to the bathroom all the time. I did this with both kids, but really thought it was later on in the pregnancy. Dave is already laughing at me, because he knows it's just going to get worse. Pretty soon people will just be asking when I'm not in the bathroom.

Cravings: This week the only thing I craved was a bag of Skittles one night. A friend of mine due the week after me mentioned her cravings for skittles, and all of a sudden I HAD to have them. I got up and drive to Target at 9pm and ate almost the whole giant bag that night. Thanks, Beth. :)

Totally Cool Developments: I felt the baby MOVE!! Yesterday I was sitting on the couch cross legged and one moment when the kids were quiet and I was perfectly still, I felt it "thump thump". Just like someone quietly knocking on my body right above my hipbone. WAY cool. I sat perfectly still and held my breath for like the next hour or something trying to feel it again, but it was just that one time. I'm totally stoked now, waiting to feel it again. I do love this part of pregnancy. I pretty much like all parts of pregnancy, there's just nothing like it, but this is the best part.

The Belly Pic: No belly shot this week, folks. I know you're sad, but if you can just hold off until next week it will be much better. I really haven't changed that much in a few days, so you aren't missing much.

Well, that's all folks! See you on Monday and I hope you all have a great weekend.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Edited to add: I am THANKFUL that I just felt the baby move for the first time. So no matter what happened this morning, we call this "Good Day" :)

1. I am thankful that my kids have clean hair, even though they got it because they poured shampoo all over themselves while I was asleep.

2. I am thankful that Little David is entirely clean, even though he's that way because he pulled down his poopy diaper and smeared it all over his legs. Also while I was asleep.

3. I am thankful that I don't have to make pancakes this morning because that is their punishment.

4. I am thankful that both of my kids are coughing like they have emphysema because that means I don't have to make an excuse to stay at home all day in my jammies.

5. I am thankful that Dave is in the state, even if he's in Dallas. I just keep chanting to myself "He will be home tonight. He will be home tonight." So far, it's keeping the crazy at bay.

6. I am thankful that I am still puking my guts out because that means I'm still pregnant. I am less thankful for puking up four cubes of cheese this morning that I ate trying to keep the sickness from coming. Hideous is the only word I can come up with to describe it.

7. I am thankful that Tot is snuggling beside me on the couch and that we are pals again. We are making progress in that she understood that she had done a bad thing and tried to clean it up before she came and got me. That's much better than me just finding it at some point and her laughing.

8. I am thankful that I will get a nap today since I didn't get much sleep last night. Those emphysema-like children can cough a lot.

9. I am thankful for Dave's mad budgeting skills. It's nice to look at the (homemade!) spreadsheet and see where everything is going and what things will look like in the future.

10. I am thankful that I will get a nap today. Oh, wait. Did I say that already? I am really looking forward to that nap.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tot Speak

At breakfast this morning, over a plate of eggs and apple slices.

Dave: Who wants to say the prayer?

Tot: I do!

Dave: Okay - go ahead Tot.

Tot: Dear God, thank You for this day. Please help me to get clean when I wipe. Amen.

Dave & UK: (snickering) Good prayer, Tot.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday Favorites: Winter Awesomeness Edition

I love winter. I love the cold weather. I also love it for short periods of time, just like we get here in Texas. We probably get 20 days of "real" winter weather a year where I'm at, and that suits me just fine. It's enough to break up the monotony of the sunshine and warmth, that while awesome, can get a little boring. And in the heat of the summer, when I'm dying for some clouds and rain, I remember that in the winter I'll get just enough to make me happy and not enough to drive me bonkers. Like I've said before - Texas is the Promised Land.

And so, in celebration of what I expect will be about 4 days of wintery-type weather here, my Tuesday Favorites is going to be all about my favorite parts of winter! On y va (that's French for let's go. It was the title of my highschool french text book and it is one of five phrases and some bad words that I remember).

1. Wearing my green beanie hat. I have the cutest, most stylish big green floppy winter hat from Steve Madden that I bought last year at Macy's with a gift card. I never would have bought it with my own money, but since it was a gift I splurged. Now every time it gets the slightest big cold I get crazy excited that I'll get to wear my fancy hat. Dave laughs at me, because normally I'm not the most fashion conscious person, but this hat SPOKE to me. And I'll keep wearing it long after it's fashionable because I think it' so fun.

2. The heated mattress pad on my bed. Dave and I (well, really just me) have been wanting a heating blanket for years now, but never can bite the bullet and buy one because they are just so freakishly expensive. I mean, really, I'm not going to pay $75 for a blanket unless it can make me a snack. So, anyways, we went to Linens N Things while it was going out of business and found a heated mattress pad for about $20. We were stoked until we put it on our mattress and realized that it really only heats the top 1/8th of the bed (you know, right under the pillows) and only takes the chill off of the rest of it. But, it is more than we had and I have grown to adore climbing into a slightly warm bed and sticking my arms under my pillows to get to the real warmth. The other benefit to this is that neither Dave nor I gets over heated. It may not be the most toasty to climb into, but it does make the perfect middle of the night snuggling temperature.

3. Fleece. I love fleece and you can't wear it in the summer without sweating all over yourself. And I hate sweat. Good thing I'm going to be nine months pregnant at the end of July in Texas, huh? But for now, I get to snuggle up in the fleece blankets, the fleece jackets, the fleece socks and did you know that you can buy fleece sheets now? That's a little much even for me, but still, it's the thought that counts.

4. Snow Ice Cream. My pappaw made this for us every year and I still dream about it. Regular ice cream is great - but it's totally not the same. A little snow, a little milk, a little hershey's syrup = wintertime gold.

5. Heating clothes over floor vents. Whenever I was little(er) we would go and play in the snow, or we'd go run errands and when we would get home we would put our mittens and socks over the floor vents to dry out. I would always sneak a pair of underwear on them when no one was looking so that I could change into a warm pair of underpants, too - who doesn't like warm underoos??

So there you have it - my favorite things about wintertime. What are yours??

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Belly Shot: Week 13

I missed out on getting this on Fetus Friday, so we'll just have to settle. Not our most traditional belly pic, but it's better than the ones Dave took of me adjusting my shirt/pants/fat/face/belly trying to catch me looking the weirdest. Also, he wants you to know that the finger in the picture is intentional - it's art. And I want you to know that the grainy-ness of the picture isn't the fault of the camera or the photographer - it's the black hole of light that is our living room. But anyways - here's the belly at 13 (1/2) weeks. I'm thinking that I'll go every two weeks on the belly shots since I don't really grow that much week to week at this point. Later on I'll do weekly ones, when I start to really shoot out there.

Also, may I please give a shout out to the Bella Band, without which my pants would dig right into the middle of my belly and make me look like I had eight rolls of fat. Not to say that I don't, just that I like that the Bella Band covers all of that. I've been known to wear them post-post-pregnancy just to get that smoothing effect. But that's another tale for another day.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Fetus Friday!

Hellooo! It's Fetus Friday and I'm Feelin' Fine. Foxy, even. Fabulous! Fantastic! And alliterative, apparently.

Regardless, it's a good day here in Texas. It's supposed to be 80 degrees where I'm at, so that means a LOT of time outside for the kiddos and I, which is good because we have been sorely missing our vitamin D. We played outside yesterday for about 2 hours and the kids got themselves all sorts of beat up running around the yard, digging in the dirt and climbing our bush that is the size of a medium tree. They loved it and slept great last night and are ready for round two tonight before the cold front comes in tomorrow.

And now... Fetus Friday!

Week: Thirteen

Weight Gain: 0 pounds still. I may have gained a pound, but I forgot to weigh myself this morning. As of yesterday I still haven't gained anything so, I'm going with that. I've started to be pleased with this development instead of worried, because the baby is munching on my love handles and I'm cool with that. My butt is also disappearing and I'm not as cool with that because I have absolutely no butt to begin with an pretty soon here I'm going to be concave. I already can barely keep my pants up.

Aches & Pains: None really to speak of, besides the still going on barfing. I'm not sick nearly as often, so that's pleasant. But it's really all because of my rock star medicine. I was even able to eat breakfast the past two mornings in a row and I'm pretty stoked about that. This morning I drank my favorite fruit smoothie in the world, something I haven't been able to touch since the first week I was pregnant. A little OJ, a banana, and some frozen fruit blended all up = one awesome smoothie with no junk in it. Tasty, tasty treat. I'll be happy to start being able to eat fruits and vegetables again.

Cravings: Hmm...salt. Lots and lots of salt. And milk, still. Lots and lots of milk. I've been completely neglecting any sugary foods (again, who am I??) and have been focusing on the saltiest things I can find. McDonalds, still. And one day I ate TWO packages of Ramen noodles. I'm supposed to be avoiding salt, but that is literally all that sounds good. Yummy, salty things. So, I'm going with my body and eating them. At least I'm drinking 24 oz of milk with almost each meal.

Totally Cool Developments: I think that I'll start to feel the baby move here soon. I've been feeling a lot of bubbles lately, the ones you feel right before you really start feeling the moves. By far, one of my favorite parts of pregnancy is feeling the baby swim and move and kick and spin. There is just nothing cooler than seeing your stomach move independently from your will and realizing that there really is someone in there who isn't you. I can't wait for the alien moving to begin :)

The Belly Pic: I'll get this up later tomorrow when Dave is home and can take it for me. Also, I haven't showered yet and am totally still in my jammies. No one wants to see that.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Unsinkable's Enemy List

I read somewhere that any good blog needs an enemy. A mortal enemy. It's not enough for readers to rally around a good ideal (Unsinkableness, m&m's, Strongness) - there has to be something that we all unite against. Think of all the good we could do if we only banded (band? bound? what is the right word/tense there?) together and fought side by side? But there are so many enemies at the gate. So many causes to choose from. If we are to do any good at all we have to pick good ones. The best ones. The most worth of an Unsinkable Force of Good.

And thus, I have composed the list of Unsinkable's Mortal Enemies. I may also compose a Watch List, that is, things that aren't quite at enemy status, but if they get much worse they will be - I don't know - it's still in the works. So today, instead of being thankful, we are going to unite against some truly heinous things. They are threefold:

1. Green Beans. I loathe, loathe, green beans. They are long, green, and beany. Could there be a worse food combination?? Slather them in butter, bacon, ham, whatever. Freshly pick them, I don't care. They are a detestable freak of nature and they are my enemy. One can not live while the other survives. Green Beans are my Voldemort. We should all rally against them and slowly eradicate them from the American diet. World extinction is our goal.

2. The word "Fart". I mean, seriously. Why are we even using this word? It sounds gross, even grosser than the action it represents. I hate even typing it. Our family fights the power by using the words "toot" "too-too" and "that" - as in "I just did that". See? Replacement is so easy. It's not like eradicating the world of Green Beans. This is a very beatable enemy. The "F Bomb" stands for everything crass and unnecessary in this world. I declare war upon it. My mom also declares war on this word.

3. Dave's Toenail Growth - I realize that this is a personal thing, but it is so truly terrible that you should all unite with me. Dave's toenails grow FAST. Freak show fast. It doesn't matter how often he clips them (which, frankly, isn't that often), within days they are eight inches long and scratching my legs under the bed. Is there anything worse than snuggling up to your spouse and being met with talon-like claws on their normally nice man-feet? No. There isn't. And this is why we fight. Not for ourselves, but for the greater good of the free world. The world should not have to deal with Dave's toe nails. It should impose nail cutting sanctions upon him. Failure to adhere to said sanctions should be met with the expectation of him posting a short apology on this blog. Each. time. he. forgets. This is not only my enemy, this is yours. Because I can't beat this alone. I need your help. Also, how funny would it be to wake up one morning and check my blog only to read an apology from Dave for not clipping his toenails? Classic.

Author's Note: Full consent from Dave was given before the writing and publication of this enemy list. In fact, number three was his idea. He knows how bad it is. It's no secret.

And there it is, Dear Readers. The Enemy List. From this point on out, any negative feelings we may have, any discontent we may feel, any mood swing or bad day, all of that can go towards fighting against Green Beans, The Word "Fart", and Dave's Toenail Growth. Won't you join me, as we stand and sing.

Author's Last Note: Do feel free to comment on your own personal enemy list. There's no judging here.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Unsinkable Confessions

I keep a box of fancy cookies in the drawer at the bottom of my nightstand.

No one, not even Dave, knows about this box of cookies (Well, he does now).

When it all gets to be too much for my fragile self, I turn on a cartoon for the kids and I sneak into my bedroom and lock the door. Then I carefully open the drawer and pull out my stash. I slowly eat one fancy cookie in the quiet peacefulness of my room and zone out on taste alone. By the end of that fancy cookie, I am feeling at peace with my corner of the world.

Currently, I am feeling two-fancy-cookies peaceful. I am a veritable zen master.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday Favorites: Baby Edition

Well guys, I'm in my second trimester now (at least, I think I am. My midwife says I am, but people break this stuff up differently) and I am starting to think about all those delicious newborn things. In the first trimester, all I am usually thinking about is the basics: Please don't let me puke in public, please let the baby "keep", please let me remember that I will again have energy one day. But now, I've got that baby fever. Where I'm not tossing my cookies (as much), I'm out of the big danger zone as fas as miscarriages go, and my energy is slowly coming back. Now, now, I get to think about the good stuff. The baby stuff. That edible, munchable, so cute you'll just die baby stuff. And here, for Tuesday Favorites, are my top five favorite things about having a newborn.

1. Nursing - This is SO easily my favorite thing about having a newborn. While it can be draining (literally - hahaha) to feel like a dairy cow all day every day, there is simply nothing sweeter than looking down and seeing your baby asleep right up next to you with milk drooling all down their face. Dave and I alternately call it "milk face" and "baby drunk". I don't think there is anything I look forward to more.

Author's Note: I will conveniently forget this when I am complaining to you about having to eat with one hand every meal for 6 months.

2. Co-Sleeping - Lest you think that I am a complete nut with my nursing raptures and co-sleeping talk, I am not. These choices have just worked best for our family in the past and I'm anticipating them working well again. If not, we'll roll some other way. But for now, I'm dreaming of having a tiny little body all snuggled up to me in bed and getting more sleep than a lot of new moms. The best part (for me) about co-sleeping is that I GET TO SLEEP. When the baby cries, I can pop that sucker on me and let them eat while I drift back into dream land. When they are full, they fall right back asleep as well and we are both pretty content. I got SO much more sleep with the kids were in bed with us than I ever did when we moved them out. We keep a pack-n-play in the room with us, so when I do crave my own space I have that option, but we rarely use it in those first few months. Thankfully, Dave likes it too (I think he really just likes me not being a hormonal AND sleep deprived zombie) so it works for us.

3. The Tiny Diapers - There is nothing, nothing, funnier for a parent of a toddler to go out and buy newborn diapers. They look minuscule!! They are the size of the palm of your hand and all you can think of is how, how, can a baby's bottom be so impossible tiny? Especially, after you've been buying diapers for a much bigger kid and those things look like you could wear them. I am so looking forward to those tiny diapers. Just a basketfull of them with the tiny little butt creams and baby powders and burp rags with cute little ribbons sewn on. Ugh, could you not just die?

Author's Note: It is the size that makes this stuff cute. I do not dreamily stare at Little David's Cars Pull-Ups this way, nor his giant economy bag of wipes. At this age, it's just cleaning up poop.

4. The Contraptions - I love all of the fanfare that comes with having a baby in your house. You would think that something so small wouldn't require very much ("A baby's just this big! You could put it here, or here, or even here!" Name that mangled quote and we'll be best friends) but no. There are swings, bouncy chairs, boppy pillows, strollers (of which I currently own 5), swaddling blankets, car seat toys, bath tubs, and I love them all. It seems like with each of my kids I've looked in the stores and wondered how they could come up with so much stuff for such a short period of life. I was SO overwhelmed with the options for Taylor. My word, I spent hours online researching the relative benefits of a "travel system" or buying each piece separately and which car seat was the safest, cutest, etc. With Little David, I was sure I had it all figured out until I stepped into Babies R Us and realized that in the less than two years since I'd had Taylor there were now at least 50 more options for every choice I had made earlier. With this baby, there are even more options, but thankfully, I won't have to choose. I pretty much have everything I need, and what I don't have I now have the confidence to go to the stores, drool over the cool over-the-top stuff, and then choose the most practical. I'm looking forward to that 3 hour trip to Babies R Us. Dave is not.

5. Diaper Bags - I will confess to you all now: I am a diaper bag junkie. It doesn't matter that in my heart of hearts I know what the best diaper bag for me is, I still have to try them all out. Currently, I just carry a slightly large purse and I toss in a diaper for Little David and a baggie of snacks and I'm ready to roll. But when the baby gets here, ahhh, I will have a reason for MORE. I'll have to carry more diapers, more wipes, creams, mylecon drops, extra onsies (I haven't even talked about onsies!), small teething toys, receiving blankets, and nursing covers - oh I'm getting excited just thinking about it all. All the pockets, all the zippered detachable pouches, the changing pads. Seriously, LOVE diaper bags. And soon, I'll have a reason to carry one again. Since we're pretty sure this is our last one (unless we are momentarily insane and decide to have another one to pair with this one) I am going to try to tame the diaper bag madness, but I make no promises.

So there you go! Those are my five favorite things about having a newborn. Only 2 more trimesters and I'll get to do it all - hurray!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tagged On A Monday

Last week I got tagged by my pal, Debra, to make a list of 6 random or weird things about myself. Since I'm pretty sure you all know me way more than I should let you, I'll have to dig pretty deep into the weird to surprise you. Here we go:

1. I sleep walk. Pretty badly, actually. I used to constantly amuse my roommates in college by "waking" up and getting ready for the school day, only to be woken up and realize that it was 3am. I also made a guy faint once because it scared him so badly (no worries, we were chaperoned.) and I walked across a gravel road into another girls dorm at band camp.

2. I played the flute in high school and was in the marching band. We were the Marching Highlanders and wore full dress kilts. You can not imagine how cool I was.

3. When I was little, I wanted to be a "great artist". This was my life's ambition until the 6th grade when it became embarrassingly apparent that I lack any and all artistic talent. Even as an adult, I am the least physically creative person you can possibly imagine. There is no craft I can not bungle, no art I can not ruin. It's a gift.

4. However, I am a Baking Rock Star and cook the meanest Snicker Doodles you've ever tasted. They are so good, in fact, that I made them nightly for Dave (and myself, obviously) the first 6 months we were married.

5. When eating baked goods nightly, I gain scads of weight.

6. I can not sit in a bath longer than ten minutes. I go stark raving mad with boredom. I love how relaxed I feel when I am in one, but can't just sit there for any length of time. I would love to sit there and read or soemthing, but my fingers getting pruney just repulses me and I just can't deal with it.

So there you go - 6 weird facts about me that I'm pretty sure I haven't told you before. There are more, obviously, but we're getting into that "too close" territory. Thanks for the fun, Debra!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Fetus Friday!

Hello All! It's that time again, the time of the week where I spill all those pregnancy secrets you've been dying to know. Again, for those of you not interested in my growing fecundity, fear not. I'm only doing this once a week :) And now, on to....

Fetus Friday!!


Weight Gain:
0 Pounds (maybe lost a pound, depending on the scale)

This week has not been a good one, eating wise. I forgot my medicine this week, which means two steps backwards, eating wise. We are currently surviving on whatever I can keep down, which isn't much and changes daily. Thank goodness Dave is sympathetic and doesn't get irritated at my histrionics. I'll be VERY grateful to get home and take my happy pills and stop the barfing.

Aches & Pains
: Again, besides the sickiness, I've been doing fine. I'm not quite far along yet to have any major pains. I am a little more tired this week, but that's mostly due to being so sick and not getting much energy back from food. Thankfully, I've been sleeping GREAT, so I've got that going for me. Which is nice.

Cravings: I wouldn't call it a craving, but McDonalds has been hitting the spot this week. Their nuggets and fries have been a pleasant meal that not only tastes good, but doesn't make me throw up. We call that a winner here, folks. On another note, I haven't had ANY Diet Dr. Pepper in almost TWO MONTHS. No, it's not because I'm trying to avoid caffeine, it's because it just doesn't taste any good. Apparently, this baby is making my taste buds go haywire, because not only does my beloved DDP not taste any good at all, but I've been really apathetic towards sweet things. They don't necessarily taste bad now, they just aren't a driving force in my life. Whereas before if there was anything chocolate in my house it wouldn't last an hour, let alone a day, I've had a bad of M&M's in my house for over a month and I haven't even touched them. Who AM I???

Totally Cool Developments:
This is really just something that is weird, but every time I've had a dream about the baby (about a handful of times now), the baby has been a girl. The first time it was some weird Breaking Dawn-type dream where I had the baby way early and the next time I saw her she was walking. Also, someone had named her Whitney and I was NOT pleased. We've had our girl named picked out for a long time (I'll be sharing the names later) and Whitney is NOT it. This last dream I had was last night and I went to the doctor and he said that they baby and my body were telling me that something was wrong and that even though I was only 25 weeks (I am always ahead in my dreams) we were going to have to do a C-Section that day. No other explanation. Oh, and by the way, you're having a girl. So, yeah, weird dreams.

The Belly Pic:
Mucho sorriness, but the belly pic is going to have to wait this week because I forgot the cord to my camera and can't upload anything. So, I'll just update this post later. However, I'm pretty sure I don't look any different than last week, and weekly belly shots seem excessive. I guess we'll just wait and see.

That's all folks, have a wonderful Fetus Friday!

Also, if anyone is graphically talented, and would like to make some sort of cartoon/badge-ish thing for Fetus Friday that would be way cool :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thankful Thursday

It's been a good week and I have a lot to be thankful for. So, without further ado, I am thankful...

1. That it SNOWED today in Arkansas! The kids got their first snow of the year and were very pleased. Tot was awake at 6:30am looking out the window saying "It's snow! It's snow! I've never seen such a thing in my LIFE! What a delight!". She is such a crack up.

2. That today is our last day in the hotel. This hotel rocks, but the kids are getting a little unruly (read: driving me out of my ever loving mind) and I'm ready to get back to my house that has a playroom I can lock them in let them play quietly in.

3. For the fact that I found an area that I would be quite happy living in. Upon arrival, I wasn't sure how I felt about the town, but after looking in other places I found somewhere close by that is nestled in the hills with lots of trees and lakes and I am very pleased.

4. For all of the lazy time this week. Since I forgot my nausea medicine (insert great big head smack here), I've been needing lots of downtime and I'm glad that we didn't have a bunch of plans for this week. I've been able to sleep in some, rest around the hotel room while the kids watch tv (stellar parenting at work), drive around a little in the afternoon, and then kick back the rest of the day. If it weren't for those moments when the kids go all exorcist on me, this would be perfection :) But as it stands, I still am getting A LOT more rest than I would at home and I'm grateful.

5. For my membership in The Olive Garden Club. We went back last night and I got the same thing as I did the first night - Four Cheese Stuffed Mezzaluna with Shrimp. Oh. My. Word. It's served in some white wine creamy tomato sauce that is to DIE for and I ate every last bite of it. I mean, I like the The Olive Garden and all, but this dinner makes me love The Olive Garden so much I would marry it. I would bathe in this sauce if they would let me. And if it wouldn't be a waste of such good sauce. Oh, and they aren't stingy with the shrimp, either. De-Lightful.

6. For Pizza Hut. (Excuse me: A-choo-choo. A-choo. Choo. Choo. Seriously, just sneezed like a billion times just then.) For Nutrigrain Strawberry breakfast bars. For McDonalds Chicken Nuggets. For Sprite. This is all I have been able to eat this week besides Olive Garden.

7. That I finished ALL of our family's laundry before we left to come here, so when I get home I will be arriving at a clean house without a long to do list in front of me. Lovely.

8. For the crazy comfortable mattress in this hotel room. I mean, good heavens. It is insane how nice this mattress is. For the first time this pregnancy, I haven't been waking up with aches all over my joints and my back all wonky. Hurray for the Hilton!! I will be looking into where I can get this mattress for myself - maybe I'll just stuff it into my suitcase with all those sheets and towels I want to take as well. (Author's Note: I do not plan to actually steal anything. I am just dreaming about owning these things on a daily basis. It would be wonderful...)

9. For the buckwheat pillows my Mom made the kids for Christmas. The have slept with them every night, have used them in the car, and then I have stolen them each night to watch TV with. If you don't have a buckwheat pillow, I suggest you get one post haste. They are PERFECT for laying on the couch with and watching TV. You can make them stay in whatever position is the right height for you and then they don't ever squish down. It really is quite genius.

10. That we got to come here with Dave this week. All this traveling is a pain my my bottom and gets me missing my pal. I'm glad that we got to see him all this week instead of having to spend more time without him. I'm also glad that he wanted us to be around :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Does This Happen To Anyone Else?

Ever since I've been pregnant, I've double-sneezed every. single. day.

It's driving me nuts.

I get this vaguely nauseated feeling, which I of course attribute to morning sickness, and then I accidentally look at something bright and then I double sneeze. It kind of hurts, kind of feels relieving, and it's almost like my day hasn't really started until it happens.

And I'm not talking a-choo (pause) a-choo, I mean a-choo-choo. You can't even take a breath between sneezes. It's rather awkward. And loud. A-CHOO-CHOO. And totally unpredictable regarding timing. "Well hello David. How are A-CHOO-CHOO". All I know is that somewhere between the hours of waking and 11am I will double sneeze. And I have been known to have up to three double sneezes a day, after which my brain is dead for a full five minutes. One can only take so much.

I have never double sneezed before in my life and I am finding the regularity with which I am doing it now rather disconcerting.

Does this happen to anyone else? Please reply forthwith.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Proud Member

I would like you all to know that as of last night, I am a proud member of....The Olive Garden.

Yes, you read that right.

Last night we went out to get some dinner (baby wanted pasta) and The Olive Garden was the place of choice. Dave took the kids and I walked up to the hostess and told her party of four, and she said "Great, please sign in here with your name and card number"

"I'm sorry, my what?"

"Your membership card number."

"My membership to The Olive Garden?"


"I wasn't aware that you could be a member of The Olive Garden."

"We are a private club."

"The Olive Garden is a private club."

The hostess was getting impatient at this point.

"Yes, since we serve alcohol in a dry county, we are required to have a members. If could please just sign in here, here is your membership card. It will be five minutes."

And then it hit me: We are SO not in Texas anymore.

Monday, January 12, 2009

On The Road Again

First of all, thank you so much for all of your sweet words to us about our Bear. Dave and I got him a few months after we got married and he was just the greatest dog. We had hoped to have many more years with him, but large dogs have a much shorter life expectancy than smaller dogs, and our dog in particular got very sick much too soon. We're so sad that he's gone, but we are very thankful that he's out of all of the pain he was in. So, thanks again.

And on to today.

This morning, I am coming to you via the Natural State. Yes, that's right, I'm in Arkansas. Dave has been doing a lot of traveling lately (like I mentioned) and every week he goes to the same town in Northwest Arkansas. This time, though, we decided that the kids and I would join him for the trip so that we could all be together and he could stay a little longer than he would have if he'd have come without us.

We're staying at a pretty rockin' hotel that has a room with two beds (and a flat screen TV!) and another separate sitting area that has a couch (and a flat screen TV!) and a mini kitchen. Can you tell what I'm most excited about? God Bless Dave's company for allowing him to stay at such a nice place that also serves a pretty great breakfast. Can I just tell you how great it was to have some one else make breakfast and me just show up? Sigh.

So, right now the kids are watching a cartoon cable channel we don't get at home and I'm on the wi-fi in the sitting area. Dave will be joining us for lunch and dropping off the car so we can go scope out the area. There is a high likelihood that we'll be moving here sometime soon-ish, so the kids and I are going to take advantage of the week here and try to learn our way around the area.

Anyways, that's the scoop. Hope you all enjoy your day!

P.S. Did I mention the breakfast? And the super soft bed whose sheets I don't have to clean? And the complimentary popcorn? And the newspaper delivered right to our room door? And the Flat Screen TV?? Yeah, it's a good week for the Unsinkable.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bye, Bear-Doggie.

Our sweet dog, Bear, died today. We'll miss you Buddy Bear.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Fetus Friday!

I decided that a new weekly feature would be fun, and that it would give me the chance to spill all that wonderful pregnancy news that everyone is dying to hear. Or, it will give you a chance to decide that you really don't want to know and that Fridays you just won't come and check in here. Whichever :) Anyways, on we go!

Fetus Friday!!


Weight Gain:
0 Pounds.

I can't decide whether I think it's totally rad that I haven't gained any weight or if I think it sucks because it means that I've been throwing up a lot and my appetite just isn't at it's usual ferocity. For now, I'll just enjoy my cute little belly because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that by the end of this I will look like a water balloon in pantyhose with a double chin. Trust me.

Aches & Pains:
With the exception of some sciatic pain a few weeks ago, I have been feeling pretty good. My energy level is slowly coming back and I'm able to do more than just lay on the couch, for which everyone is thankful. I'm pretty sure that Dave was developing a nervous tic from seeing the house so messy. I think I'm finally past all that yucky stuff and into the part of pregnancy that I love best.

Cravings: Still Beef and Milk. Dave is loving this baby because I've been wanting Chipotle burritos all the time. Chipotle is one of Dave's favorite places to eat and I usually just don't care for it. There are plenty of other places we agree on, so we hardly ever eat there. Except for now. I've been getting their burrito with beef and rice. Pretty plain, but it's been hitting the spot. Hitting the spot so much that we've eaten there more in the last three months than we have in the last 5 years. Also, Pizza Hut thin crust cheese pizza.

Totally Cool Developments:
Right now the coolest thing is that we got to see the baby at the sonogram. The doctor got a great shot and we could see the head, both arms and legs, and what was either a little boy part or the last remaining part of a tail. We're not really sure. Baby had a racing heart beat (179) and was squirming and dancing all over the place. Dave and I about died because it looked like the baby was just rockin' to it's own little beat. Can't wait to meet this thing.

The Belly Pic:
And now, the part you've all been waiting for....

I know. I'm huge. This whole third-baby-makes-the-belly-jump-out thing is kind of ridiculous.
Also, could there be a weirder way to pose for a photo? There has to be a better way to see the side view and not look like the exorcist.

Anyways, there you go! Happy Fetus Friday!!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Traveling Soldier

Tonight, Dave gets home from a five day/four night business trip in Northwest Arkansas (where he travels to weekly) and then tomorrow he has to wake up and catch a plane to Denver where he'll have a "Lunch & Learn" meeting with a client. Immediately after that, he'll fly back home just in time to crash in bed. Yes, that means he's been traveling everyday this week. And then, Sunday night he'll drive up to Arkansas again for the next week. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Not every family is set up to have a husband travel so much. I certainly didn't think that we were. Dave and I love being together and have never wanted to be apart much. I was hesitant about him taking this job because of all the traveling, but we knew he needed to take it. Since then, I've gotten to see how great of a man I married. When he's gone, he works hard. Long hours, late nights, and few breaks. But he never forgets to call me a few times a day, to text me something funny, to send me funny pictures on the phone, and to chat with the kids. When he's home, he's home. He is fully present with us and doesn't bring his work home. He makes sure the kids each get plenty of Daddy time and that I get plenty of husband time. And when you add my pregnant hormoney-ness in the mix, you get a guy that makes sure the house is stocked with snacks before he leaves and that I've had plenty of down time. I don't know many men that could handle such a large work load with such ability and sweetness.

And so today, for thankful Thursday, I am thankful for my Traveling Soldier. He's the best, most rockin' husband in the whole world, no matter how busy his job makes him or how much he has to travel. I would never want anyone else.

Love you, Toots!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


What is your favorite song of all time?

Author's Note: You can't say "Anything by Celine Dion" - you have to pick an actual song. Also, because I would make fun of you. Lots.

Monday, January 05, 2009


Well, we all know what happens to those that gloat. They get a 50 degree temperature drop and freezing rain :)

This morning I'm looking out my window at icicles on the house and our grill frozen solid. Thank goodness I remembered to bring our dog, Bear, in last night or we might have had a frozen solid dog! Instead, the kids, the dog and I are all cozily snuggled up inside with the heat on and PBS on TV. I'm seeing some hot chocolate in our future and some soup for lunch. Tot calls that "Blustery Day Food".

And when it's a blustery day, there is nothing I want to do more than stay in my cozy jammie pants and read a book all day and let the kids run around wild. Currently, despite the cold weather, Tot is in her underpants running around after Little David who is pretending to be a "baby horsie" and she is his mommy. A Real Person Mommy, not a Horse Mommy. It seems we need to have a talk about some of the facts of life. Not all of them, because I don't want to get into that whole "pieces" discussion, but some of the "People make people, horses make horses" facts. Or I could just let it go.

Despite my desire to sit around all day and do nothing, I have a short list of things that I need to get done. I'm hoping to go to my Mom's house tomorrow and I told myself that I had to get the Christmas decorations down and the house in a non embarrassing state before I left. And so, on the docket today:

1. Take down Christmas stuff

2. Pick up around the house

3. Vacuum

4. Clean bathrooms

5. Finish "hanging" laundry (you know, the stuff that is just hanging around in various states of of done-ness)

So, that's my list. What's going on in your house/workplace today?

Friday, January 02, 2009

We Call This Good Day

Unsinkable here. I'm posting from outside in my backyard. Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE Texas??? Currently, it is 70 degrees outside. In January. Tomorrow it's supposed to be 80 degrees. In January.

I. Love. Texas.

The kids are digging in the dirt and carrying buckets back and forth and building "Giant Walls Of China" with bricks. And I've been maxin' and relaxin' in my adirondack chair watching the fun. Dave is in his shed/office (he's put a/c and heat in there) working and we're all going to stop for lunch here soon. We're talking about camping out in the backyard tonight and grilling in the fire pit, too. I'm thinking hamburgers, hot dogs, and s'mores.

What better way to ring in the New Year?

Thursday, January 01, 2009

I Was, of course, Not So Resolute.

So, I was thinking this week about resolutions (obviously) and idly wondered if I had kept any that I made last year. Thankfully, I have this blog to remind me what I resolved to do, and I thought it would be amusing to see how I did:

1. Lose the last bit of my married weight.

~Not so much. I actually wound up gaining some weight after I went off birth control That's a nice perk.

2. Keep up the daily devotional the kids and I have been doing.

~ We're still pretty touch and go on that.

3. Start (and finish) all of the bible studies our women's group at church has.

~ Nope. Didn't even try.

4. Find a peaceful rhythm and balance at home. Basically, try not to be so dang anxious all the time.


5. Run an entire 5 k (slated for completion on April 28 - more info to follow) without walking.

~ Hahahahahaha.

6. Again, stop biting my nails. To be fair, I spent more time this year with non bitten nails than with bitten nails, but I'm going for gold in 2008.

~ Didn't even try. I like to bite my nails. I prefer it that way.

7. Potty train the Tot.

~ SUCCESS!!!!! Finally, finally, finally, I have a potty trained child and I only have to buy diapers for one butt. It's also nice to have much less to do with one persons bottom.

8. Potty train Little David. Might as well get a jump start on it, you know?

~ Why don't we just roll this one over to next year?

9. Have another baby. Hahahaha. Just thought I'd freak out Dave when he read this. No, no babies here anytime soon.


10. Enjoy my days.

~ We can say that I did pretty good on this one.


So, I accomplished about 20% of my goals from last year. I should probably work on being a little less ambitious or maybe a little more ambitious :).