Sunday, January 25, 2009

Belly Shot: Week 13

I missed out on getting this on Fetus Friday, so we'll just have to settle. Not our most traditional belly pic, but it's better than the ones Dave took of me adjusting my shirt/pants/fat/face/belly trying to catch me looking the weirdest. Also, he wants you to know that the finger in the picture is intentional - it's art. And I want you to know that the grainy-ness of the picture isn't the fault of the camera or the photographer - it's the black hole of light that is our living room. But anyways - here's the belly at 13 (1/2) weeks. I'm thinking that I'll go every two weeks on the belly shots since I don't really grow that much week to week at this point. Later on I'll do weekly ones, when I start to really shoot out there.

Also, may I please give a shout out to the Bella Band, without which my pants would dig right into the middle of my belly and make me look like I had eight rolls of fat. Not to say that I don't, just that I like that the Bella Band covers all of that. I've been known to wear them post-post-pregnancy just to get that smoothing effect. But that's another tale for another day.


Nicole McIntyre said...

You look simply smashing, Dahling!

Diana said...

When will you begin selling prints of this piece of art, cause seriously? I NEED this in my dining room. The tone, the attitude, the RAW...we must have this Chapman original!

(plus, you look REALLY good for being 13 weeks prego..congrats!)

Tracey Clem said...

Yes, God bless the Bella Band! It saved my pregnancy too!

You look fantastic! Congrats!