Monday, January 05, 2009


Well, we all know what happens to those that gloat. They get a 50 degree temperature drop and freezing rain :)

This morning I'm looking out my window at icicles on the house and our grill frozen solid. Thank goodness I remembered to bring our dog, Bear, in last night or we might have had a frozen solid dog! Instead, the kids, the dog and I are all cozily snuggled up inside with the heat on and PBS on TV. I'm seeing some hot chocolate in our future and some soup for lunch. Tot calls that "Blustery Day Food".

And when it's a blustery day, there is nothing I want to do more than stay in my cozy jammie pants and read a book all day and let the kids run around wild. Currently, despite the cold weather, Tot is in her underpants running around after Little David who is pretending to be a "baby horsie" and she is his mommy. A Real Person Mommy, not a Horse Mommy. It seems we need to have a talk about some of the facts of life. Not all of them, because I don't want to get into that whole "pieces" discussion, but some of the "People make people, horses make horses" facts. Or I could just let it go.

Despite my desire to sit around all day and do nothing, I have a short list of things that I need to get done. I'm hoping to go to my Mom's house tomorrow and I told myself that I had to get the Christmas decorations down and the house in a non embarrassing state before I left. And so, on the docket today:

1. Take down Christmas stuff

2. Pick up around the house

3. Vacuum

4. Clean bathrooms

5. Finish "hanging" laundry (you know, the stuff that is just hanging around in various states of of done-ness)

So, that's my list. What's going on in your house/workplace today?


Debra said...

On my list ... pay bills, reconcile checkbook, get dogfood, grocery shop, laundry, home school, and quiet time. I have much to catch up on journaling. And, then, maybe I can get to my list to accomplish for this whole week. Ugh! Miss you!

Beth said...

Hey! That's exactly what I'm doing today, minus the horse thing