Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Does This Happen To Anyone Else?

Ever since I've been pregnant, I've double-sneezed every. single. day.

It's driving me nuts.

I get this vaguely nauseated feeling, which I of course attribute to morning sickness, and then I accidentally look at something bright and then I double sneeze. It kind of hurts, kind of feels relieving, and it's almost like my day hasn't really started until it happens.

And I'm not talking a-choo (pause) a-choo, I mean a-choo-choo. You can't even take a breath between sneezes. It's rather awkward. And loud. A-CHOO-CHOO. And totally unpredictable regarding timing. "Well hello David. How are A-CHOO-CHOO". All I know is that somewhere between the hours of waking and 11am I will double sneeze. And I have been known to have up to three double sneezes a day, after which my brain is dead for a full five minutes. One can only take so much.

I have never double sneezed before in my life and I am finding the regularity with which I am doing it now rather disconcerting.

Does this happen to anyone else? Please reply forthwith.


becky said...

when is your u/s? and i'm a sneezer by genetics. and by the way, for some reason, if you need to sneeze, but it seems like it won't come, look at a light, and it always will. weirdness.

Beth said...

I always double sneeze. I also sneeze when I'm cold. Explain that one!

Jennifer said...

Never happened to me, but I've heard that when you're pregnant it messes with the nerve endings and membranes in your teeth and nose and makes both or one much more sensitive for some pregnant women, so that could explain it. Maybe your nose is picking up things that are more for the bright colors...the brain is connected to the nose??

Crazy weird, man. I don't know what to tell you. I've had it pretty normal this time around, except sometimes this kid kicks me so hard I feel like I'm relating to Bella with Renesme. Yikes.

Robin said...

I included these 2 websites because you mentioned that it happens when you look at something bright. I thought you would find them interested. I didn't find any causes or reasons...just LOTS of stories of the weird prego girls sneezing their heads off! hahaha I hope it stops for you are just getting Little David out of diapers...we wouldn't want you to have to start! hahahaha
Looking forward to another fetus Friday!

Sue said...

i get the sneezes *when I'm pregnant, mind you* as a precursor to being violently hungry. Odd, I thought I was the only weird pregnancy sneezer.

Cynthia said...

Fetus Fridays... I don't know whether to be embarrassed or crack up.

Double aChooChoo - sounds like it should be in the song of the Sabu. (VeggieTales) do you aMoo-Moo-Moo, aMoo-Moo-Moo too? (snicker)

waller family said...

hypothesis - double sneezing during pregnancy means twins :) since in your previous pregnancies you never double sneezed...hmmm interesting hahaha