Friday, January 16, 2009

Fetus Friday!

Hello All! It's that time again, the time of the week where I spill all those pregnancy secrets you've been dying to know. Again, for those of you not interested in my growing fecundity, fear not. I'm only doing this once a week :) And now, on to....

Fetus Friday!!


Weight Gain:
0 Pounds (maybe lost a pound, depending on the scale)

This week has not been a good one, eating wise. I forgot my medicine this week, which means two steps backwards, eating wise. We are currently surviving on whatever I can keep down, which isn't much and changes daily. Thank goodness Dave is sympathetic and doesn't get irritated at my histrionics. I'll be VERY grateful to get home and take my happy pills and stop the barfing.

Aches & Pains
: Again, besides the sickiness, I've been doing fine. I'm not quite far along yet to have any major pains. I am a little more tired this week, but that's mostly due to being so sick and not getting much energy back from food. Thankfully, I've been sleeping GREAT, so I've got that going for me. Which is nice.

Cravings: I wouldn't call it a craving, but McDonalds has been hitting the spot this week. Their nuggets and fries have been a pleasant meal that not only tastes good, but doesn't make me throw up. We call that a winner here, folks. On another note, I haven't had ANY Diet Dr. Pepper in almost TWO MONTHS. No, it's not because I'm trying to avoid caffeine, it's because it just doesn't taste any good. Apparently, this baby is making my taste buds go haywire, because not only does my beloved DDP not taste any good at all, but I've been really apathetic towards sweet things. They don't necessarily taste bad now, they just aren't a driving force in my life. Whereas before if there was anything chocolate in my house it wouldn't last an hour, let alone a day, I've had a bad of M&M's in my house for over a month and I haven't even touched them. Who AM I???

Totally Cool Developments:
This is really just something that is weird, but every time I've had a dream about the baby (about a handful of times now), the baby has been a girl. The first time it was some weird Breaking Dawn-type dream where I had the baby way early and the next time I saw her she was walking. Also, someone had named her Whitney and I was NOT pleased. We've had our girl named picked out for a long time (I'll be sharing the names later) and Whitney is NOT it. This last dream I had was last night and I went to the doctor and he said that they baby and my body were telling me that something was wrong and that even though I was only 25 weeks (I am always ahead in my dreams) we were going to have to do a C-Section that day. No other explanation. Oh, and by the way, you're having a girl. So, yeah, weird dreams.

The Belly Pic:
Mucho sorriness, but the belly pic is going to have to wait this week because I forgot the cord to my camera and can't upload anything. So, I'll just update this post later. However, I'm pretty sure I don't look any different than last week, and weekly belly shots seem excessive. I guess we'll just wait and see.

That's all folks, have a wonderful Fetus Friday!

Also, if anyone is graphically talented, and would like to make some sort of cartoon/badge-ish thing for Fetus Friday that would be way cool :)

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