Friday, January 30, 2009

Fetus Friday!

Hello again fabulous Reader Friends! I'm coming to you with a head cold, a slight cough, a lack of sleep, and a completely awesome Starbucks Java Chip Frappachino - which means that regardless of my ailments I'm feeling GREAT. Love me some Starbucks.

And now.....for all your prenatal needs...Fetus Friday!!

Week: Fourteen

Weight Gain: 0 - 2 pounds. If I eat a good dinner, then I have gained two pounds. But if I eat a normal dinner then I still haven't gained any weight. I'm trying to eat well each day, but frankly I'm just not that hungry that often. I still don't want to eat anything sweet (except for this wicked good Frappachino I'm drinking right now) and I haven't had any coke products (with the exception of an occasional Sprite) in almost two months. You all know my proclivity towards DDP, so this is killing me. But I won't say I'm not enjoying still wearing non-maternity shirts.

Aches & Pains: Still sick when I don't take my medicine regularly, but again, I'm getting better on the whole. It's much better when I have eaten a good meal for dinner and don't wake up starving. If I wake up to hungry, I'm done for. And this isn't an actual pain, but it is a total pain in my butt - I am going to the bathroom all the time. I did this with both kids, but really thought it was later on in the pregnancy. Dave is already laughing at me, because he knows it's just going to get worse. Pretty soon people will just be asking when I'm not in the bathroom.

Cravings: This week the only thing I craved was a bag of Skittles one night. A friend of mine due the week after me mentioned her cravings for skittles, and all of a sudden I HAD to have them. I got up and drive to Target at 9pm and ate almost the whole giant bag that night. Thanks, Beth. :)

Totally Cool Developments: I felt the baby MOVE!! Yesterday I was sitting on the couch cross legged and one moment when the kids were quiet and I was perfectly still, I felt it "thump thump". Just like someone quietly knocking on my body right above my hipbone. WAY cool. I sat perfectly still and held my breath for like the next hour or something trying to feel it again, but it was just that one time. I'm totally stoked now, waiting to feel it again. I do love this part of pregnancy. I pretty much like all parts of pregnancy, there's just nothing like it, but this is the best part.

The Belly Pic: No belly shot this week, folks. I know you're sad, but if you can just hold off until next week it will be much better. I really haven't changed that much in a few days, so you aren't missing much.

Well, that's all folks! See you on Monday and I hope you all have a great weekend.


Nicole McIntyre said...

Is there any great joy than feeling your baby for the first time? I think not!

Beth said...

If it wasn't for Fetus Friday, I wouldn't know the weekend was upon us!
Yay for Fetus Fridays!