Thursday, January 01, 2009

I Was, of course, Not So Resolute.

So, I was thinking this week about resolutions (obviously) and idly wondered if I had kept any that I made last year. Thankfully, I have this blog to remind me what I resolved to do, and I thought it would be amusing to see how I did:

1. Lose the last bit of my married weight.

~Not so much. I actually wound up gaining some weight after I went off birth control That's a nice perk.

2. Keep up the daily devotional the kids and I have been doing.

~ We're still pretty touch and go on that.

3. Start (and finish) all of the bible studies our women's group at church has.

~ Nope. Didn't even try.

4. Find a peaceful rhythm and balance at home. Basically, try not to be so dang anxious all the time.


5. Run an entire 5 k (slated for completion on April 28 - more info to follow) without walking.

~ Hahahahahaha.

6. Again, stop biting my nails. To be fair, I spent more time this year with non bitten nails than with bitten nails, but I'm going for gold in 2008.

~ Didn't even try. I like to bite my nails. I prefer it that way.

7. Potty train the Tot.

~ SUCCESS!!!!! Finally, finally, finally, I have a potty trained child and I only have to buy diapers for one butt. It's also nice to have much less to do with one persons bottom.

8. Potty train Little David. Might as well get a jump start on it, you know?

~ Why don't we just roll this one over to next year?

9. Have another baby. Hahahaha. Just thought I'd freak out Dave when he read this. No, no babies here anytime soon.


10. Enjoy my days.

~ We can say that I did pretty good on this one.


So, I accomplished about 20% of my goals from last year. I should probably work on being a little less ambitious or maybe a little more ambitious :).

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