Monday, January 12, 2009

On The Road Again

First of all, thank you so much for all of your sweet words to us about our Bear. Dave and I got him a few months after we got married and he was just the greatest dog. We had hoped to have many more years with him, but large dogs have a much shorter life expectancy than smaller dogs, and our dog in particular got very sick much too soon. We're so sad that he's gone, but we are very thankful that he's out of all of the pain he was in. So, thanks again.

And on to today.

This morning, I am coming to you via the Natural State. Yes, that's right, I'm in Arkansas. Dave has been doing a lot of traveling lately (like I mentioned) and every week he goes to the same town in Northwest Arkansas. This time, though, we decided that the kids and I would join him for the trip so that we could all be together and he could stay a little longer than he would have if he'd have come without us.

We're staying at a pretty rockin' hotel that has a room with two beds (and a flat screen TV!) and another separate sitting area that has a couch (and a flat screen TV!) and a mini kitchen. Can you tell what I'm most excited about? God Bless Dave's company for allowing him to stay at such a nice place that also serves a pretty great breakfast. Can I just tell you how great it was to have some one else make breakfast and me just show up? Sigh.

So, right now the kids are watching a cartoon cable channel we don't get at home and I'm on the wi-fi in the sitting area. Dave will be joining us for lunch and dropping off the car so we can go scope out the area. There is a high likelihood that we'll be moving here sometime soon-ish, so the kids and I are going to take advantage of the week here and try to learn our way around the area.

Anyways, that's the scoop. Hope you all enjoy your day!

P.S. Did I mention the breakfast? And the super soft bed whose sheets I don't have to clean? And the complimentary popcorn? And the newspaper delivered right to our room door? And the Flat Screen TV?? Yeah, it's a good week for the Unsinkable.


Tiffany said...

Complementary popcorn? Dude -- I'm THERE.

By the way -- does anyone else remember when Pizza Hut used to have a opocorn marhcine that you could munch on for free (the popcorn, that is, notthe machine itself) while you waited fro a table with your Book-It certificate clutched in-hand? No? Is that just me?

Anyway, enjoy your mini-vacation and family time together!

Unsinkable Kristen said...

Ah, Book-It. I am anxiously awaiting when my kids can do that :)

Robin said...

Sounds great Kristen! Enjoy the well deserved break from cleaning...linen (for the most part) and having a TV to yourself! I am glad that you guys are able to be together. I know it will be a blessing for all 4 plus the little pod of you! hahaha

Tiffany said...

Dude, did I type that with my eyes shut? "opocorn marchine?" "notthe?" "fro?"

Not strong.

The Garrett's said...

I wondered if you would end up moving. I 'll miss not having you in the area. We haven't gotten together much but it's nice knowing you're there. :) It sounds like this would be good for your family though! I hope you enjoy your week there!

Linda said...

I have great and awesome friends in that area!
The guy is an associate pastor at a church and his wife is my good friend.
North AR is just gorgeous!

Nicole McIntyre said...

How fun! I'm jealous for multiple reasons: 1. you don't have to clean a hotel 2. I love hotels 3. You are close to my Granny, who I miss greatly.

You keep mentioning that you are in God's country, but you don't mention where. Just curious to see how close you actually are to my awesome Granny.

Sarah said...

Tiff, seriously, when are you going to stop apologizing for your mad typing skillz?! And I totally remember Book-It, just not the opocorn marhcine.

UK, I'm glad you're having such a great time in NW Ark. Enjoy that flatscreen tv and the breakfasts! Call the Hogs for me while you're there! LOL