Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Proud Member

I would like you all to know that as of last night, I am a proud member of....The Olive Garden.

Yes, you read that right.

Last night we went out to get some dinner (baby wanted pasta) and The Olive Garden was the place of choice. Dave took the kids and I walked up to the hostess and told her party of four, and she said "Great, please sign in here with your name and card number"

"I'm sorry, my what?"

"Your membership card number."

"My membership to The Olive Garden?"


"I wasn't aware that you could be a member of The Olive Garden."

"We are a private club."

"The Olive Garden is a private club."

The hostess was getting impatient at this point.

"Yes, since we serve alcohol in a dry county, we are required to have a members. If could please just sign in here, here is your membership card. It will be five minutes."

And then it hit me: We are SO not in Texas anymore.


Sarah said...

Welcome to Arkansas.

Luke said...



Nicole McIntyre said...

Yup, you aren't in Texas anymore. However, after living in Searcy why should this be a surprise?

Because our county was, there was a "neighborhood" bootlegger. That is when you know you live in the sticks.

Nicole McIntyre said...

Because our county was DRY....

Friend Chick said...

We actually had a "speakeasy" in our little Oklahoma town where the entrance was in an alley, you had to knock on a heavy wood door and someone would peek at you through a slit near the top. Then you would go downstairs to the actual restaurant. They restaurant wouldn't buy alcohol, but you could bring in your own and store it there. All you had to show them was your number!

Jennifer said...


Cheryl said...

Whatever. We had to complete these cards at OTB at Western Center before they served us drinks!