Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thankful Thursday

It's been a good week and I have a lot to be thankful for. So, without further ado, I am thankful...

1. That it SNOWED today in Arkansas! The kids got their first snow of the year and were very pleased. Tot was awake at 6:30am looking out the window saying "It's snow! It's snow! I've never seen such a thing in my LIFE! What a delight!". She is such a crack up.

2. That today is our last day in the hotel. This hotel rocks, but the kids are getting a little unruly (read: driving me out of my ever loving mind) and I'm ready to get back to my house that has a playroom I can lock them in let them play quietly in.

3. For the fact that I found an area that I would be quite happy living in. Upon arrival, I wasn't sure how I felt about the town, but after looking in other places I found somewhere close by that is nestled in the hills with lots of trees and lakes and I am very pleased.

4. For all of the lazy time this week. Since I forgot my nausea medicine (insert great big head smack here), I've been needing lots of downtime and I'm glad that we didn't have a bunch of plans for this week. I've been able to sleep in some, rest around the hotel room while the kids watch tv (stellar parenting at work), drive around a little in the afternoon, and then kick back the rest of the day. If it weren't for those moments when the kids go all exorcist on me, this would be perfection :) But as it stands, I still am getting A LOT more rest than I would at home and I'm grateful.

5. For my membership in The Olive Garden Club. We went back last night and I got the same thing as I did the first night - Four Cheese Stuffed Mezzaluna with Shrimp. Oh. My. Word. It's served in some white wine creamy tomato sauce that is to DIE for and I ate every last bite of it. I mean, I like the The Olive Garden and all, but this dinner makes me love The Olive Garden so much I would marry it. I would bathe in this sauce if they would let me. And if it wouldn't be a waste of such good sauce. Oh, and they aren't stingy with the shrimp, either. De-Lightful.

6. For Pizza Hut. (Excuse me: A-choo-choo. A-choo. Choo. Choo. Seriously, just sneezed like a billion times just then.) For Nutrigrain Strawberry breakfast bars. For McDonalds Chicken Nuggets. For Sprite. This is all I have been able to eat this week besides Olive Garden.

7. That I finished ALL of our family's laundry before we left to come here, so when I get home I will be arriving at a clean house without a long to do list in front of me. Lovely.

8. For the crazy comfortable mattress in this hotel room. I mean, good heavens. It is insane how nice this mattress is. For the first time this pregnancy, I haven't been waking up with aches all over my joints and my back all wonky. Hurray for the Hilton!! I will be looking into where I can get this mattress for myself - maybe I'll just stuff it into my suitcase with all those sheets and towels I want to take as well. (Author's Note: I do not plan to actually steal anything. I am just dreaming about owning these things on a daily basis. It would be wonderful...)

9. For the buckwheat pillows my Mom made the kids for Christmas. The have slept with them every night, have used them in the car, and then I have stolen them each night to watch TV with. If you don't have a buckwheat pillow, I suggest you get one post haste. They are PERFECT for laying on the couch with and watching TV. You can make them stay in whatever position is the right height for you and then they don't ever squish down. It really is quite genius.

10. That we got to come here with Dave this week. All this traveling is a pain my my bottom and gets me missing my pal. I'm glad that we got to see him all this week instead of having to spend more time without him. I'm also glad that he wanted us to be around :)


Gayle said...

LOL... God Bless you.

Glad you're enjoying the hotel... I am looking forward to my next trip to the Olive Garden!


Debra said...

I love your sense of humor! You make me laugh ...

Tagged you for 6 facts ... check my blog for the rules.

Miss seeing you!