Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday Favorites: Baby Edition

Well guys, I'm in my second trimester now (at least, I think I am. My midwife says I am, but people break this stuff up differently) and I am starting to think about all those delicious newborn things. In the first trimester, all I am usually thinking about is the basics: Please don't let me puke in public, please let the baby "keep", please let me remember that I will again have energy one day. But now, I've got that baby fever. Where I'm not tossing my cookies (as much), I'm out of the big danger zone as fas as miscarriages go, and my energy is slowly coming back. Now, now, I get to think about the good stuff. The baby stuff. That edible, munchable, so cute you'll just die baby stuff. And here, for Tuesday Favorites, are my top five favorite things about having a newborn.

1. Nursing - This is SO easily my favorite thing about having a newborn. While it can be draining (literally - hahaha) to feel like a dairy cow all day every day, there is simply nothing sweeter than looking down and seeing your baby asleep right up next to you with milk drooling all down their face. Dave and I alternately call it "milk face" and "baby drunk". I don't think there is anything I look forward to more.

Author's Note: I will conveniently forget this when I am complaining to you about having to eat with one hand every meal for 6 months.

2. Co-Sleeping - Lest you think that I am a complete nut with my nursing raptures and co-sleeping talk, I am not. These choices have just worked best for our family in the past and I'm anticipating them working well again. If not, we'll roll some other way. But for now, I'm dreaming of having a tiny little body all snuggled up to me in bed and getting more sleep than a lot of new moms. The best part (for me) about co-sleeping is that I GET TO SLEEP. When the baby cries, I can pop that sucker on me and let them eat while I drift back into dream land. When they are full, they fall right back asleep as well and we are both pretty content. I got SO much more sleep with the kids were in bed with us than I ever did when we moved them out. We keep a pack-n-play in the room with us, so when I do crave my own space I have that option, but we rarely use it in those first few months. Thankfully, Dave likes it too (I think he really just likes me not being a hormonal AND sleep deprived zombie) so it works for us.

3. The Tiny Diapers - There is nothing, nothing, funnier for a parent of a toddler to go out and buy newborn diapers. They look minuscule!! They are the size of the palm of your hand and all you can think of is how, how, can a baby's bottom be so impossible tiny? Especially, after you've been buying diapers for a much bigger kid and those things look like you could wear them. I am so looking forward to those tiny diapers. Just a basketfull of them with the tiny little butt creams and baby powders and burp rags with cute little ribbons sewn on. Ugh, could you not just die?

Author's Note: It is the size that makes this stuff cute. I do not dreamily stare at Little David's Cars Pull-Ups this way, nor his giant economy bag of wipes. At this age, it's just cleaning up poop.

4. The Contraptions - I love all of the fanfare that comes with having a baby in your house. You would think that something so small wouldn't require very much ("A baby's just this big! You could put it here, or here, or even here!" Name that mangled quote and we'll be best friends) but no. There are swings, bouncy chairs, boppy pillows, strollers (of which I currently own 5), swaddling blankets, car seat toys, bath tubs, and I love them all. It seems like with each of my kids I've looked in the stores and wondered how they could come up with so much stuff for such a short period of life. I was SO overwhelmed with the options for Taylor. My word, I spent hours online researching the relative benefits of a "travel system" or buying each piece separately and which car seat was the safest, cutest, etc. With Little David, I was sure I had it all figured out until I stepped into Babies R Us and realized that in the less than two years since I'd had Taylor there were now at least 50 more options for every choice I had made earlier. With this baby, there are even more options, but thankfully, I won't have to choose. I pretty much have everything I need, and what I don't have I now have the confidence to go to the stores, drool over the cool over-the-top stuff, and then choose the most practical. I'm looking forward to that 3 hour trip to Babies R Us. Dave is not.

5. Diaper Bags - I will confess to you all now: I am a diaper bag junkie. It doesn't matter that in my heart of hearts I know what the best diaper bag for me is, I still have to try them all out. Currently, I just carry a slightly large purse and I toss in a diaper for Little David and a baggie of snacks and I'm ready to roll. But when the baby gets here, ahhh, I will have a reason for MORE. I'll have to carry more diapers, more wipes, creams, mylecon drops, extra onsies (I haven't even talked about onsies!), small teething toys, receiving blankets, and nursing covers - oh I'm getting excited just thinking about it all. All the pockets, all the zippered detachable pouches, the changing pads. Seriously, LOVE diaper bags. And soon, I'll have a reason to carry one again. Since we're pretty sure this is our last one (unless we are momentarily insane and decide to have another one to pair with this one) I am going to try to tame the diaper bag madness, but I make no promises.

So there you go! Those are my five favorite things about having a newborn. Only 2 more trimesters and I'll get to do it all - hurray!!


Nicole McIntyre said...

Tiny clothes. I'm a sucker for tiny clothes.

Beth said...

I"m with you Kristen. We co sleep too, just to get our sleep, I'm already looking into options like bed wedges, or attachments to the side of our bed so we can start it sooner, and not have to worry about rolling over on a tiny body!
We don't do well w/out sleep so we get it all we can.

The Aubrinator said...

You gotta get a bumbo this time around, gear wise, if you didn't with David. They're so useful when the baby is about 6+ months. And they come in fun colors.

Unsinkable Kristen said...

I never did get one of those. I kept meaning to with David and just never did. I bet it would be HUGELY awesome with me chasing the others around!

Robin said...

I agree with the bumbo...it has been great for Brady already. I started using it with him at about 2 1/2 mos...also thought it would help with keeping him safe around his brother and sister...(sound familiar)?

Nicole McIntyre said...

Agreement on the Bumbo! I used it a little with Braedon, but it was awesome with my niece. It kept him from squishing her and she loved to sit up and see the world. And they make trays for them now, so I will definately be investing in that if we ever have more kids.

Donielle said...

Ooooo, I just went out and bought our first few packs of teeny tiny diapers. So much fun. Seriously, I can't wait to have a newborn again!