Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday Favorites: Winter Awesomeness Edition

I love winter. I love the cold weather. I also love it for short periods of time, just like we get here in Texas. We probably get 20 days of "real" winter weather a year where I'm at, and that suits me just fine. It's enough to break up the monotony of the sunshine and warmth, that while awesome, can get a little boring. And in the heat of the summer, when I'm dying for some clouds and rain, I remember that in the winter I'll get just enough to make me happy and not enough to drive me bonkers. Like I've said before - Texas is the Promised Land.

And so, in celebration of what I expect will be about 4 days of wintery-type weather here, my Tuesday Favorites is going to be all about my favorite parts of winter! On y va (that's French for let's go. It was the title of my highschool french text book and it is one of five phrases and some bad words that I remember).

1. Wearing my green beanie hat. I have the cutest, most stylish big green floppy winter hat from Steve Madden that I bought last year at Macy's with a gift card. I never would have bought it with my own money, but since it was a gift I splurged. Now every time it gets the slightest big cold I get crazy excited that I'll get to wear my fancy hat. Dave laughs at me, because normally I'm not the most fashion conscious person, but this hat SPOKE to me. And I'll keep wearing it long after it's fashionable because I think it' so fun.

2. The heated mattress pad on my bed. Dave and I (well, really just me) have been wanting a heating blanket for years now, but never can bite the bullet and buy one because they are just so freakishly expensive. I mean, really, I'm not going to pay $75 for a blanket unless it can make me a snack. So, anyways, we went to Linens N Things while it was going out of business and found a heated mattress pad for about $20. We were stoked until we put it on our mattress and realized that it really only heats the top 1/8th of the bed (you know, right under the pillows) and only takes the chill off of the rest of it. But, it is more than we had and I have grown to adore climbing into a slightly warm bed and sticking my arms under my pillows to get to the real warmth. The other benefit to this is that neither Dave nor I gets over heated. It may not be the most toasty to climb into, but it does make the perfect middle of the night snuggling temperature.

3. Fleece. I love fleece and you can't wear it in the summer without sweating all over yourself. And I hate sweat. Good thing I'm going to be nine months pregnant at the end of July in Texas, huh? But for now, I get to snuggle up in the fleece blankets, the fleece jackets, the fleece socks and did you know that you can buy fleece sheets now? That's a little much even for me, but still, it's the thought that counts.

4. Snow Ice Cream. My pappaw made this for us every year and I still dream about it. Regular ice cream is great - but it's totally not the same. A little snow, a little milk, a little hershey's syrup = wintertime gold.

5. Heating clothes over floor vents. Whenever I was little(er) we would go and play in the snow, or we'd go run errands and when we would get home we would put our mittens and socks over the floor vents to dry out. I would always sneak a pair of underwear on them when no one was looking so that I could change into a warm pair of underpants, too - who doesn't like warm underoos??

So there you have it - my favorite things about wintertime. What are yours??


Chaos Cottage said...

You might try flipping that mattress pad cover around and heat you feet. You may find that more to your liking that heating up your head. Just my 2 cents!


Nicole McIntyre said...

I had the same French book!

We've have the tradition of having pj day whenever the local schools are out for snow. We spend the day cuddled up watching movies. I also sneak some hot chocolate in for myself.

Sarah said...

I'm with Pam - flip that sucker around. We have one too, and we LOVE it. It's like laying on a heating pad all night, which I love and need.

And I'm with you on the snow cream as well - except we make ours with condensed milk. (Remind me to give you a recipe for regular ice cream sometime that tastes JUST LIKE snow cream!)

I miss floor vents. All ours are on the ceiling.

As for my winter faves - coats, not having to wear a swimsuit, uhhh not having to shave my legs every stinkin' day (please don't tell my mom), warm jammies, my Feb. birthday, soup/chili, seeing my dog run around like a psycho pup in the snow (IF we get any), and my new fave - my crocs wit da furrr.

Unsinkable Kristen said...

We thought about flipping it around, but there is no plug near the foot of our bed for the cord, and both of the controls are there, too, so when we turn the heat off in the middle of the night (which we always do) we would have to search for the controls all around the bottom of the bed. we decided that we would just rather not mess with it and enjoy our warm arms :)

sharilyn said...

i enjoyed your post, but i did have to laugh at the thought that you have the warm part at the head of the bed. they're actually designed to be used the other way around--warmest at your feet and gradually less heat as it approaches your head. i LOVE mine, and it pretty much saved my life when i lived in a very damp place. i love it because it heats from below rather than on top of you like an electric blanket. the ideal way i use mine (at the very coldest nights in so california) is to turn it on about an hour or so before i get into bed (to warm the bed up for my cold feet!) and then i turn it off when i get in. it's all nice and cozy to get started and then body heat keeps the bed warm the rest of the night... that, and my down comforter!! mmmmmm. i want to go there now!! :)

Beth said...

There isn't much about winter I like to be honest, and we don't even have it that bad here in Tn. It has dipped below 10 once this year, and HAS YET to give us a good snow. We useally get at least one in Jan.
I guess that would be my favorite thing. Snow.
And my winter clothes are always much cuter than my summer clothes.

Gayle said...

Great list! I have a mattress pad too, but it heats up the whole bed. By morning, I am roasting!

My favorite things about winter are:

-drinking hot tea (lots of it!)
-wearing cute coats & scarfs
-Using my fireplace
-Wearing my Uggs

Have a blessed day!

Josh and Kimberly said...

I L-O-V-E snow cream. And nobody down here knows what I'm talking about! They all think I've gone off my rocker when I talk about it :) I used to have a Snoopy Snow Cream machine... ahh, those were the good ol' days!

Sara Berry said...

My sweet husband got us an electric blanket for Christmas, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. No more screeching as I slide into cold sheets. I turn that sucker up to about 8 a few minutes before bed, and by the time I brush my teeth, I have a nice toasty bed to get into. Seriously, it was WELL worth the expense . . . but then again, I live in St. Louis where it actually stays cold all winter long.