Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Bubba Speak

Too funny not to share. Little David crawled up beside me on the couch as I scrolled across a picture of Jenna Fischer (Pam from The Office - so funny) on the computer from her "Self" magazine cover.

LD: It's Mommy!

UK: No, Bubba, that's someone else.

LD: No, see? It's Mommy!

UK: No, sorry Bubba. It's not me. She has long hair, see? And I have short hair.

LD: Oh. She have boobies, too. You have boobies. See? (points at her chest and then at my chest).

UK: Um, well. Yeah.

LD: She have legs. I have legs! See? I have legs.

UK: Yes! Let's talk about legs.

LD: And my camo shoes.

UK: Sure.

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Luke said...


Oh man. Kids are great.