Monday, February 09, 2009

Maybe It Isn't Just A Pipe Dream.

Yesterday, Little David kept his Pull Up dry all day. From 10:30 am (when he got changed at church) until 8:00pm, that kid was DRY. He even stayed dry during lunch at The Olive Garden, through his nap, and with much playing and tickling with his Daddy.

It was a miracle day.

We are in the very shallow waters of potty training here. I'm a little gun shy since Tot wasn't completely, self-motivated trained until 4 and I felt like I "trained" her for years. She just so didn't have an interest in it. Didn't care if she was wet, dirty, nothing. Stickers didn't motivate. Candy didn't, books/toys by the potty didn't, new underwear didn't. Nothing. We really just had to wait until she was ready. And then one day she was and we've had no problems since.

I'm hoping that Little David will be easier. So far, he is. We take him and he goes (I have no illusions of grandeur of having him self-trained any time soon. I'll take parent-trained any day.). It helps that he's learning to go standing up, I think he likes that better, although it does make my role as trainer a little redundant since I can't actually do that myself. He knows by heart the phrase "Go potty, get candy." And usually all we have to do is say "Do you want to go potty?" and he says "No tanks" and we say "What happens when you go potty?" and he says "Go potty, get candy! YEAH!!!" and then he goes. He's totally not poop-trained, which is why we are NOT sticking him in underwear. I'm dedicated to this training stuff right up to the line of pressing my luck. I stick that kid in underwear and you can bet your sweet bippy he's going to poop all over the place. No thanks.

So, there you have it. An exceptionally rambling post about potty training. I think I'm just excited that maybe, just maybe, with all of our combined parenting prowess we can get this kid trained. Although, frankly, he may only be doing it for the single chocolate chip he gets whenever he goes. That would be enough to motivate me to do almost anything.

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Nicole McIntyre said...

Maybe he's getting there. Sounds like he's at the point were Braedon is. It's a little bit satisfying.