Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Cure

I've decided that the cure for almost every ill is a warm, sunny day and some chocolate chip cookie dough.

I had a rough evening yesterday that consisted of a much needed trip to see my Mom (three hours away) thwarted by my truck breaking down on the way there. Dave and I have a Dodge 1500 Quad Cab that we love and that has served us very well the past few years - it's thick, it's hearty (just like A-1 sauce) and it's roomy. Dave likes to drive it because it's way manly (and shiny black) and I like to drive it because it's nice to be surrounded by steel whilst pregnant and to know that I could take on most other cars in a wreck. The truck has given us almost no problems and we are grateful for that after a line of cars that gave us almost continual problems. In fact, we mentioned to each other just last week how we hadn't had to work on our cars in, like, forever - even though our other car is a 98 Toyota Rav-4 that looks like a tin roller skate (but is shiny blue and I heart it) and the Dodge was getting on up there in years (not too many, but still aging).

And we totally jinxed it.

Last night while I was on the road to see my Mom, the Dodge made sounds I've never heard it make before, and while Dave assures me that it was just rattling from being overheated, it made me super sad. We're hoping that it's a quick ( and please, Lord, cheap) fix because there were no giant obvious problems (like a blown head gasket) and that the Black Beast can get back on the road. Thankfully, Dave's (fabulous) parents were able to come and get the kids and I, and help the tow truck get our truck to their house so that the guys could see what to do with it (I have very handy men in my family).

But, despite my good fortune, I tanked. I was crazy bummed that I didn't get to go see my Mom because I needed a Mom Hug, the kids missed her and Tim pretty bad and cried when we couldn't go, and I know she and Tim wanted to see the kids (and me, too :) ) and we haven't seen them in what feels like months and did I mention that I needed a Mom Hug? Mom hugs are the best. So I was bummed. And of course, Dave was out of town so I used that excuse to put on a pretty large pity party for being lonely and carless (well, not carless, I am getting to borrow my mother in law's rockin' convertible mustang while they work on my truck - which come to think of it, is pretty stellar and I should have quit my whining much sooner because that car can drive). The kids didn't get to sleep after our adventure until 10PM and I, of course, had my pity party until midnight assuming they would sleep in. Right. 6:00 AM sharp they awoke with rings on their fingers and bells on their toes demanding some toons and some snacks and I decided that the time was right to get that pity party started again.

Woe is Kristen.

So, I moped around the morning because our house was cold, I was feeling sick, I hadn't eaten in 14 hours because nothing sounded good or at least not vomit-inducing, the kids were overtired and whiny, and my car was broke and I missed my Mom and I missed my husband and wah wah wah.

Woe is Kristen.

But then - the sun peeked out. And a warm breeze blew through the whole house, and since the kids were napping I could actually hear the breeze. I threw open the windows and it was like all of the big, fat negativity ran outside and all of the glorious possibilities ran in my home.

Well, maybe nothing quite so dramatic as that, but I certainly couldn't smell toddler toots anymore or old dishrags and that was a definite improvement on my mood. So, I puttered around and made some chocolate chip cookie dough while praying to God to forgive my craptastic and totally baseless attitude of the morning and late evening and MAN if I don't feel better now.

I've got sunshine going, 70 degree weather outside with low 80's promised the rest of the week, a neighbor mowing their lawn (one of my FAVORITE sounds and smells ever) and a belly full of cookie dough. I'm even going to bake some of these and give the kids warm cookies and milk for snack time today - for which they will think I am the Rock Star of all Moms.

See? All it took was some sunshine and some cookie dough. A simple fix, but sometimes when you are wallowing in your own crappy mood and self indulgence, all it takes is a few things to go right and you feel like you can get back up and keep on trucking.

Or Mustang-ing as I am currently doing.


Jalaina said...

This gave me some good laughs. I have been sick with Strep Throat the last couple of days so I have been in a bit of pity party myself. This cheered me! Thanks for sharing your craptasticness!

amber said...

I totally needed to hear that! I have been in my own pitty party for 3 weeks now...seriously need to GET OVER IT!!! B/C there is nothing in my power to do about it!!

Sunshine does make it all better!

Cynthia said...

hahahahahahahah...... I nearly cried when I read about the mom hug but then about wet my pants over the "craptastic" day! So all-in-all it was a pretty huge emotional swing for me. In my current pre-Crone condition - I think you should have put a warning label on this post for me.